Bagarmossen, political graffiti




I wish more thought would have been put into this before it was done, but still, it’s interesting, and it raises a lot of questions that some of the graffiti can’t answer.

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Movies I've watched recently:

  • Ken Park (2002) - IMDb 7/10

    2014-07-20 20:51
    * * * * * * *

    Due to all the controversy that surrounded this film - where I live, in Sweden, posters that advertised the film were actually removed from subway carts as one could see a boy going down on a woman - I have somehow let that silliness seep into my mind; while watching this quite beautiful, mobile still life, I wondered exactly what it was, that made people go insane from this film. I mean, the sexuality is just part of human life, right? The start of the film - no spoilers here - was much more disturbing. Having written that, I really liked this film. It's written by Harmony Korine, which does give some details away. Young persons are on display, seemingly directed by dictator parents, possible exception being Tate, a person who yells at his grandmother and isn't the most sociable character. Interesting throughout, it's a bite of life and a good watch.

  • Inside the Smiths (Video 2007) - IMDb 1/10

    2014-07-20 18:41

    This is an extremely piss-poor version of events from The Smiths. It starts of with some kind of vampirical person swooshing all over a cemetery while no music by The Smiths will play (over any of the documentary). Joyce and Rourke aren't even recollecting interesting anecdotes; would have loved to hear Joyce's words regarding the famed court travesty where he won millions of pounds from Morrissey/Marr, but none of that is shown. The most interesting stuff in the documentary is pictures of Marr and Morrissey, and I am not lying. Everything is so amateurishly made, and the documentary is just embarrassing in the extreme. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

  • No Distance Left to Run (2010) - IMDb 7/10

    2014-07-19 18:41
    * * * * * * *

    Lovely filmed, a little warts 'n' all biography on the comeback of Blur, as Graham and Damon get together and start over again. Songs are meshed with old footage over a quite chronological timeframe. Recommended and lovely. "Tender" at Glastonbury is a high point.

  • Tommy (2014) - IMDb 1/10

    2014-07-13 19:54

    Started out interestingly, but the main character is so incredibly weak one may be deceived to think she's in a coma - but really (spoiler) she isn't. This is not a mystery movie either, where one is to guess how come this film got made in the first place; Ola Rapace is a fairly good actor, but I waited for someone to hand him some good lines. Or something good to do. And what about the kid? Not interesting, thank you. There's nothing really good about this film. Tommy's gone - and I can't wait to forget him.

  • Wolf Creek 2 (2013) - IMDb 1/10

    2014-07-13 18:52

    I really liked the first Wolf Creek film. This one, however, contains no mystery, no suspense, but only crap moments designed to show off dismemberments. Apparently, the director thinks it's funny to show kangaroos getting hit by vehicles. This is atrocious. Avoid, avoid, avoid.


Morrissey’s “Julie In The Weeds” is almost “Crystal Blue Persuasion”!

Morrissey in November

A kind friend just informed me that she thinks of Tommy James & The Shondells’ “Crystal Blue Persuasion” from 1969 when she hears Morrissey’s “Julie In The Weeds“.

Let’s see what you think. I can’t let go of this! It’s true!

More recommended reading: on how Morrissey culled The Cookies’ “Only To Other People” for his “The Girl Least Likely To“:

The Cookies?—?“Only To Other People” and Morrissey?—?“The Girl Least Likely To”

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Amy Winehouse: three years after her death

Amy Winehouse

Three years have passed since one of the most talented, troubled and thoughtful songwriters died.

People either seem to think of her as a very good singer or/and a junkie, and even though that’s true, her lyrics had a lot of well-written hurt and love in them, as well as scorn, fun and sex. She managed to be both subtle and frank.

I remember reading that she’d died that evening on the 23rd of July in 2011. Mia was shocked as I told her, and I was, too. I still think it’s weird to think of her as being completely gone, never to return; I feel as though she’ll turn up and sing the pants off us all, detoxed and happy. She was almost there, in a way.

Here’s a rare and lovely remix of one of her tracks, “Love Is A Losing Game“, which is a remix that I really like, with added strings and an electric piano. It’ll be gone in a week.

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Review: Michael Cunningham – “The Snow Queen

The Snow QueenThe Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Married women tell me I’m making the worst mistake of my life and this is a terrible age to be divorcing: ‘You’ll never get another man.’ A very sophisticated, honey-highlighted blonde divorced mother from my daughter’s school confides in me outside the swimming pool: ‘When you’d rather live in a tent in a field than in your nice house with your husband, that’s when you’re ready for divorce.’

This book is human and, hence, non-humane. Whatever “humane” means. What I’m trying to say is that this book contains loads of insight and reflections on “the human condition” from the two lead characters in the book, which are two brothers that most in white, western society can relate to.

And there are many a reflection culled from the mind of people.

He imagines her dreams as pale and buoyant, bright even in extremis; no lurking invisible terrors, no shriek of annihilation, no innocent-seeming heads turning to reveal black holes instead of eyes, or teeth like razors. He hopes that’s true.

Eventually, he’ll meet someone younger. Men do. He’ll be tormented about it, there’s not a trace of cruelty in him, which means she’ll have to nurse him through his betrayal of her, bolster him, assure him that his happiness matters more to her than anything, which will, of course, be a lie.

I enjoyed Cunningham’s way with language, and his style almost rocked me to a feeling of comfort that stayed with me throughout the book, even though I thought it went a bit downhill towards the end; I got bored without knowing why, but the style of the book, the “sound” of it, made it OK.

All in all: not as good as Cunningham’s “By Nightfall“, but that would be strange; they are very different books.

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Disposable camera, I love you

I love taking pictures by disposable camera.

There’s something beautiful in not knowing exactly what you’ve taken a picture of until you receive the physical results in the mail. I love it. Also, I really like the fact that every picture kind of counts; I mean, you have a limited number of them and then you have to buy a new disposable camera. My wife and I often share them and often keep them for quite a few weeks before we’ve having them developed. And when we receive the results, they seldom include all the pics we’ve snapped, as some are probably damaged in some process and excluded. As happy accidents have produced some of my favourite pictures – for example, when tripping and accidentally triggering a shot or just holding a camera under a table to shoot – I love waiting to see the results. And sometimes I’m just surprised by the results as I’ve forgotten some pictures that I’ve taken; opening an envelope filled with pictures is like receiving an xmas present from yourself.

When digital cameras started selling by droves, I heard people – myself included – saying stuff like “printed photos won’t last forever! They will crumble and fade away! The digital copies will remain flawless forever! Digital ruuules.”

Fuck you, former me. Since when is flawed equal to bad? Life is not flawless. I don’t think I’ll be holding my faded photos in 50 years’ time, crying and wishing I’d used a digital camera instead; and I don’t think anybody who lives past me will do that either. That physical/digital debate is like bruising CD vs vinyl. Today, if I go to a gig and can opt between buying a vinyl and a CD, I’ll gladly go for the vinyl, which not seldom comes with a download code that gives me access to the album digitally as well. Two-in-one, wee!

There’s an app for iOS that forces you to wait for an hour before you can see pics that you have taken, to try and generate that one-hour photo feel.

But for pictures, there’s nothing that – to me – is like pinning a glossy photograph onto the fridge or putting on top of something. A printed proof of what once was, something that can enlighten your day just by glancing at it, and it’s somewhere else than on a screen. I like that. And yes, my cat may chew the edges off that photograph, but that’s also part of the spell that keeps me bound.

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