New Yorker: 50 Shades of Antifeminism


Nu anmäler vi New Yorker till RO för könsdiskriminerande reklam. Det här skrev vi bland annat i vår anmälan:"Vi ser…

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Jag såg just denna post på Facebook:[…]

Om ni är ansvariga för den, anser jag att ni bör ta bort den omedelbart, eftersom den är könsdiskriminerande och bidrar till dåligmående för väldigt många människor.


Niklas Pivic

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Kära Niklas,

Tack för din feedback på vår nya Censored-kampanj.

I våra fotografier efterliknar vi storyn från den prisbelönta bästsäljaren ” Fifty Shades of Grey”, vars filmatisering också har varit mycket uppskattad bland personerivår målgrupp. Vi är medvetna om att bilderna kan uppfattas som provocerande. Det har dock visat sig att vid sidan av enstaka negativa reaktioner så har dock reaktionerna övervägande varit positiva.

Vi tackar dig för dina synpunkteroch önskar dig välkommen in i en av våra butiker.

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Tack för att ni svarade.

Jag förstår att en filmatisering är populär bland personer i er målgrupp; betyder “populär” något annat än att ett procentuellt antal mellan 0,000001 och 100 personer har pratat om att de aldrig kommer att se filmen, eftersom den glorifierar våldtäkt och är totalt antifeministisk? Bilderna är provocerande, men det spelar faktiskt ingen roll; de är antifeministiska, och med det menar jag att de spär på synen att kvinnor är underlägsna objekt som gärna får domineras av män – det finns inte en enda dominerad man i era bilder, vilket ni inte bör försöka beskylla på en film eller en bok – era handlingar är ert ansvar. En kvinna med prislappar bredvid, dessutom. Detta är varken en fräsch, smart eller eggande kampanj; om ni tycker att antifeminism och våldtäktsglorifierande är “övervägande positivt”, kanske ni bör tänka om, alternativt dedikera nästa annonskampanj till något lika “provocerande”, exempelvis New Yorker-iklädda katolska präster som som trycker pojkhuvuden mot pelvis, för att visa att ni åtminstone är konsekventa (även om jag inte önskar det).

Er annonskampanj är motbjudande, och ert standardsvar äcklar mig. Att ni i er reklamkampanj använder antifeminism på denna nivå genom att fortsätta propagera en syn på kvinnor som milt sagt är vidrig och lika vettig som nazism är en sak, men att ni inte inser att ni gjort fel garanterar att jag aldrig kommer att sätta min fot i någon av era butiker.


Niklas Pivic


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  • Down Down the Deep River (2014) - IMDb 7/10

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    This is a loveable short film courtesy of Will Sheff, the man behind Okkervil River, who spent his youth growing up in New Hampshire in the 1980s and wrote the band's latest album, "The Silver Gymnasium", about this experience; this short film is a kind of appendix to that album, where we get to follow a boy through friendship and beyond, to what communicating without words is about, while delving through a barrage or 1980s nick-nacks. All in all, I think the film suffers a little from all the 1980s regalia everywhere, as though they would make for a better film; that's just a mini gripe, as the film itself is really strong through the choice to not use much dialogue, and for bringing out what being a kid could be like, for good and bad.

  • The Emperor's New Clothes (2015) - IMDb 7/10

    2015-05-01 16:18
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    This documentary, as led by Russell Brand and directed by Michael Winterbottom, essentially shows where unbridled capitalism takes us. We live in a time where a cleaner earns 300 times less than his/her boss, and if all bankers in the UK would give up their salary for one day, they would double what said cleaners would make for a YEAR. Also, lest not forget that no UK (nor anywhere else, really) bankers are spending time in jail if they are sentenced for economic crimes. A man may be jailed for a year for stealing orange juice - as shown in the documentary, yes, really - but not any bankers. Why? They make the rules, you see, with the corporations. That's what you get. Brand/Winterbottom aren't gripes. They also show ways to try to get away from the bad stuff, from the poorer turning more poor and the wealthier getting more money. I mean, 80 people own more than half of the money in the World. 80 people, of which some are merely heirs, like the Wal-Mart heirs. By the way, did you know that Wal-Mart employees receive 8 billion American dollars per year in social benefits, as they don't receive a salary that enables them to make ends meet? This is not an American phenomena; the documentary examines that, and Tescos, and it's naturally not a US/UK phenomenon, it's everywhere, mate! Check this out. It's a well-worth ride. It's your life, basically, whether you like it or not, and of where we're heading. I wish they'd discussed how corporations are treating the environment and how that'll turn us on our heads in about 10 years' time, because that's roughly how long we have left to change things before they become irreversible and humanity is doomed. Some Naomi Klein, anyone? Don't take the Matrix pill that lets you continue being an ostrich. Go on, see the trews.

  • Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of... 8/10

    2015-03-31 16:07
    * * * * * * * *

    I've read the book on which this documentary is based, and still I couldn't help but cry a couple of times as I watched this documentary on scientology, which contains some of the nastiest stuff I've seen. There's a classic English documentary made during the early 1980s where some top defectors of scientology appear and tell of the continuous abuse, the lies, the money, L. Ron Hubbard's life and apparent narcissism, but some of the big stuff that has happened since appear in this documentary, which is just as good, if not better. You'll get the full scientology treatment: how Hubbard made it up, how scientologists are fooled, horrendously manipulated to give up all of their friends, family and money, how the IRS was bullied into giving scientology a tax exempt-status - which means that US citizens actually pay some of their tax to subsidise scientology - Tom Cruise, John Travolta, how David Miscavige has carried the torch following the death of Hubbard, and how defecting members are hounded and treated by scientologists, by order from the very top. All in all, this is a very keen eye on the organisation that is actually dropping in terms of number of members, but still owns so much real estate and land that they make millions off it. This is a good eye-opener on the real dangers of scientology.

  • Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic (2013) - IMDb 5/10

    2015-03-30 16:02
    * * * * *

    I love Richard Pryor. He overstepped so many boundaries, partly on what a comedian's role should be, and partly where matters of race and what intrinsical fun is. This documentary scratches a little on the surface, as is witnessed by reading some of the biographies on Pryor and by hearing his material that evolved massively and changed stand-up comedy forever, which is not really reflected here. Sure, we get to hear Dave Chappelle say "Richard Pryor is the greatest, full stop, end of story" but I wish there'd been more flesh here. It's good that the documentary doesn't flash too much of the drama here, e.g. Pryor setting himself on fire (for real) or his fight with Gene Wilder, but all in all, it's a fair documentary, rather than a comprehensive one.

  • Chappie (2015) - IMDb 3/10

    2015-03-22 15:56
    * * *

    What's being sentient? What's being human? Those two elements are at the core of most films that Neill Blomkamp churns out, and here they are at their most sappy; while I think the robot feels mentally deranged more than like a kid, and the entire thing quickly merges into a sob-story with Chappie getting kicked around and blown to pieces, it's also sad to see that Die Antwoord - whom I like a lot - are more like the frame for this film rather than actors; their entire image takes over the film so much that it feels like a video rather than them being actors. It's also sad to see that Yo-Landi whittles away the farther the film goes, from being a powerful gangsta queen into some greyish Mother to Chappie. Yeah, it's a sad state of affairs.


Frank Silva turning into Bob in a couple of seconds

Frank Silva turns into Killer BOB in only a few seconds. #twinpeaks #killerbob

A video posted by Twin Peaks (@welcometotwinpeaks) on

I like hearing someone gasping all the while.

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Deezer vs my choice of The Smiths


First, this:

I replied:

They made this:

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“Code Of A Killer” and The Smiths

Came upon this while watching the two-part TV production called “Code Of A Killer“:





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