David Cameron attempting to tarnish The Smiths’ legacy some more

The Smiths at Salford Lads Club

The above is one of the classic pictures from The Smiths appearing at Salford Lads Club in Manchester.

This, however, just turned up:

Morrissey‘s words on why he doesn’t like David Cameron are found here, and Johnny Marr‘s words on the same subject are found here.

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Movies I've watched recently:

  • Young & Beautiful (2013) - IMDb 7/10

    2014-08-10 20:42
    * * * * * * *

    This film is quite beautiful in more than one way. It weirdly reminds me of what Marilyn Manson said when interviewed in "Bowling For Columbine", when Michael Moore asked him what he'd say to the kids at Columbine or the people in that community: "I wouldn't say a single word to them. I would listen to what they have to say, and that's what no one did." Isabelle is the lead character in this film and as such, she leads. But not as much by talking constantly or doing a lot of extravagant stuff, as in most Hollywood-esque films; of course, Ozon's films aren't really Hollywood, thank Bog. She does as she pleases, and we're left to ponder her inner life, which is not spelled out to us. Her family life is interesting, especially where her mother and brother are concerned. Speaking of which, most of her relations with other people are interesting and her "reactions" to them left me interested a little longer. The scene where the bridge-with-the-locks is, to me, the least interesting and left a schmaltzy and redundant impression, yet all in all, the film works. Not one of Ozon's best, but definitely not one of his worst, and compared with other directors' works, this is a vital shot in the arm.

  • Ken Park (2002) - IMDb 7/10

    2014-07-20 20:51
    * * * * * * *

    Due to all the controversy that surrounded this film - where I live, in Sweden, posters that advertised the film were actually removed from subway carts as one could see a boy going down on a woman - I have somehow let that silliness seep into my mind; while watching this quite beautiful, mobile still life, I wondered exactly what it was, that made people go insane from this film. I mean, the sexuality is just part of human life, right? The start of the film - no spoilers here - was much more disturbing. Having written that, I really liked this film. It's written by Harmony Korine, which does give some details away. Young persons are on display, seemingly directed by dictator parents, possible exception being Tate, a person who yells at his grandmother and isn't the most sociable character. Interesting throughout, it's a bite of life and a good watch.

  • Inside the Smiths (Video 2007) - IMDb 1/10

    2014-07-20 18:41

    This is an extremely piss-poor version of events from The Smiths. It starts of with some kind of vampirical person swooshing all over a cemetery while no music by The Smiths will play (over any of the documentary). Joyce and Rourke aren't even recollecting interesting anecdotes; would have loved to hear Joyce's words regarding the famed court travesty where he won millions of pounds from Morrissey/Marr, but none of that is shown. The most interesting stuff in the documentary is pictures of Marr and Morrissey, and I am not lying. Everything is so amateurishly made, and the documentary is just embarrassing in the extreme. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

  • No Distance Left to Run (2010) - IMDb 7/10

    2014-07-19 18:41
    * * * * * * *

    Lovely filmed, a little warts 'n' all biography on the comeback of Blur, as Graham and Damon get together and start over again. Songs are meshed with old footage over a quite chronological timeframe. Recommended and lovely. "Tender" at Glastonbury is a high point.

  • Tommy (2014) - IMDb 1/10

    2014-07-13 19:54

    Started out interestingly, but the main character is so incredibly weak one may be deceived to think she's in a coma - but really (spoiler) she isn't. This is not a mystery movie either, where one is to guess how come this film got made in the first place; Ola Rapace is a fairly good actor, but I waited for someone to hand him some good lines. Or something good to do. And what about the kid? Not interesting, thank you. There's nothing really good about this film. Tommy's gone - and I can't wait to forget him.


The Magnetic Fields – another playlist!

The Magnetic Fields

The Magnetic Fields is a band on its own little pedestal high up in heaven. As such, more and more people deserve to hear them. Stephin Merritt, the front person of the band, is a truly great lyricist and songwriter, and the band is filled with great musicians and singers. This is some Brill Building type of shit.

Even though I still maintain that Mia’s Magnetic Fields playlist is the best so far, the below one (for both Spotify and Deezer) is Stereogum’s “10 best songs”. Anything to get people hooked on this band, I say. So see the Stereogum playlist as a short intro, and Mia’s playlist to delve even further, before listening to the albums as a whole; that’s just a tip. Listen to them however the fuck you want, naturally speaking. I’m not really gonna tell you how to listen to shit.

I’ve written quite a bit on the band’s magnum opus, “69 Love Songs“, here.

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“Penny Dreadful”, the TV-series

Penny Dreadful

I wish there were more to say about “Penny Dreadful“, an English-American co-production where suspense is built by throwing about sordid monsters and mystery is built through scenery rather than through an actual story or the power that language can have.

There are a bunch of monsters strewn throughout the series which does not aid it; instead of being scary, I kept myself wondering why the characters seem so flat; Josh Hartnett’s gun-slinger is merely a walking cock – not a cock of the walk – who shoots. Yes, it’s that obvious. And there’s a pathologist who cannot explain his chosen profession without venturing into some ill-advised, condescending monologue about it. Yes, you handle dead people. And wait, he’s Victor Frankenstein. Aah. I’m intrigued bored out of my fucking mind.

I’m all for the 1880s. I love Jack The Ripper. I love Sherlock Holmes. This, on the other hand, shapes my tongue to verbal abuse; I can’t bear the thought of having to see Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray” get slaughtered in this series, as I hear it will be. Yes, I have seen only one episode of this muck.

So, what instead? Which late 19th-century series could ease our fragile little minds? Well, for starters, the Granada production of “Sherlock Holmes” where Jeremy Brett plays Holmes, that would be my best bet. Not many monsters there, but plots, stories, acting and thought, that’s what you’ll get.

The image above is of “Frankenstein”. His stare is enough to convince the viewer of his madness, I’m sure, according to the producers of this muck. And Timothy Dalton! Is his way of existing in the series to seem an English version of Saul from “Homeland”?

So yes, “Penny Dreadful”. The title should be a giveaway, even though there is less suspense or, indeed, anything worth latching onto in this series, if one is to judge from the premiere; I’m all for mysteries such as “The Mummy” and the Indiana Jones series, but this is just pathetic. There’s nothing to resemble horror in here, either. Not even if I’d watched deep in the night-time, all alone, would I be frightened of this.

Consider this to be a warning, friends.

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Recension: Henrik Bromander – “Riv alla tempel”

Riv alla tempel

Riv alla tempel by Henrik Bromander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Frisk luft. Mänsklighet. Fantasi. Ärlighet.

Så sammanfattar jag Henrik Bromanders första roman, som har stramare tyglar än seriemediet, till materialets fördelar. Bromanders främsta styrka är, tycker jag, att han framställer vanliga personer som har helt vanliga tankar – och jag menar att personernas tankar inte är annat än kringelkrokiga, precis som vanliga människors tankar är.

Johan är i huvudrollen, en mobbad pojke som växer upp och börjar kroppsbygga i tonåren; det börjar lätt men eskalerar.

Även om intrigen är enkel, föll jag för Johans tankevärld, och beskrivningarna kring den och allt som händer. En kan verkligen vilja att det ska gå bra för Johan, trots att han gör fel. Och han gör rätt, som vilken människa som helst.

Som vanligt är Bromanders beskrivningar av händelser och övergångar väldigt subtila och kraftfulla. Språket som används är enkelt, och blir, i samband med att en snabbt kommer in i huvudpersonens huvud, väldigt kraftfullt. Flera gånger under läsandets gång kom jag på mig själv med att jag inte kunde lägga ifrån mig den här boken.

Boken kunde ett par, tre gånger kännas som om den stod stilla, men det varade inte länge, utan gick vidare med styrka. Rekommenderas varmt till alla. Bromander är ungefär lika välkommen i roman- som i serieform, och jag menar alltså att han är en av sveriges nu bästa författare.

Här finns utdrag ur boken att läsa (som kan innehålla litet spoilers) och här finns en ganska bra Sveriges Radio-recension av boken.

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On a day like this: My Bloody Valentine and Françoise Hardy

van Gogh

Yesterday was filled with love and friends and some alcohol and loads of laughter, so…so today is perfect for some My Bloody Valentine.

Let’s top that off with some choice Françoise Hardy:

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