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  • Manchester by the Sea (2016) - IMDb 3/10

    2017-04-16 15:28
    * * *

    Just because the film naturally carries a containment of sorrow and gloom, it does not explain its complete dreariness. It's got bits of chronological experimentation and nice views of the sea, but otherwise, this is forgettable. See Ang Lee's "The Ice Storm" instead.

  • Fifty Shades Darker (2017) - IMDb 1/10

    2017-04-15 18:28

    I actually thought this film would not be as bad as the first one, but obviously, I was wrong. This is overwrought in no sense of the word, and if it were human, it would be incarcerated indefinitely. This film actually violates basic human rights in ways the first one didn't, so I guess that's what this new version brings to viewers. In no way is this erotic, interesting, or entertaining. The people involved in this should look themselves in the mirror and not make a third film, which _will_ be made.

  • T2 Trainspotting (2017) - IMDb 6/10

    2017-02-22 22:58
    * * * * * *

    This is more a film, I think, which is about aging and repeating your past than anything else. Sure, the characters are older, but I cringe a lot as Boyle has chosen to have them repeat some of their "fave lines" from the first film, 21 years later, for no apparent reason. The slow parts move best, for example, where Renton visits his father, despite that one being sappy. The "new girl", basically a Renton, doesn't bring much to the table. However, Robbie Carlyle steals the show; where Ewen Bremner's "Spud" previously did, by being a comedic maestro with his movements and druggy cadence, he is now converted into a caricature of himself - and yes, I am aware that druggies who have been on dope for more than two decades tend to turn into caricatures in more ways than one - while Begbie offers more. A lot more. Carlyle's acting is so strong that even Begbie's most obvious characteristics - e.g. as displayed where his son stands up against him by wanting to go to college to learn hotel management instead of joining his dad in a life of crime - turn interesting. He's a tour de force. Still, while this film is interesting and entertaining, it is too much of a parody of itself to become a truly interesting introspective. And the plot turn at the end was really a bit too tell-tale and boring to me.

  • Medicinen (2014) - IMDb 1/10

    2016-12-12 19:00

    A car crash where your newborn child dies would be a less hurtful experience than watching this film. I'm kidding, but there is some truth lodged in that statement. This film is very "inspired" by "The Devil Wears Prada". By this I mean Nutley and his writer cohorts have concocted a story about an abhorrent person - played by Bergström, despite many doubts on my site as to what "playing" could be, according to herself - who starts ingesting a medicine that seems to change her life. Naturally, this medicine is a sugar pill. The medicine is also the only thing which is sweet about this film. The script is so poorly written that any, and I repeat, _any_ breathing thing - or dead - could easily excrete something which would improve and best this depressing piece of scatological experience, which all should avoid at all costs. Actually, I could go on forever about how bad everything from the direction to casting, acting, the soundtrack and segues are, but I will not. I refuse to. This is on par with Nutley-Bergström's "Angel", which also marked a new milestone in the string of eulogies to Swedish cinema that seems to be their goal. I'm angry to know the couple seem to use films as an excuse to a) go abroad and senselessly film scenes that have none or very little function for a film and b) have Bergström cry and copulate. Don't see this, even for "fun", which was why I saw it. I will never, ever see this film again, and I hope Bergström-Nutley never, ever make another film, write one nor act in one for the sake of humanity.

  • Yakuza Apocalypse (2015) - IMDb 4/10

    2016-11-26 17:10
    * * * *

    This film stretches beyond a regular action film and even really dips into the true meaning of the word apocalypse, but that's the most positive thing about it. Miike has been taking some major leads from Shakespeare, considering he lived a few hundred years ago, this film is truly not very original. Having said that, it's missing in atmosphere. It doesn't pace well and lost me a bit after 30 minutes and did not win the loss back. Having been Shakespearian before that, this film segues into being laughable and filled with fight (as most films by Miike are). Not recommendable to anyone who doesn't want to dabble in martial arts action-cum-half-assed weird dreaming, having fallen asleep with "Macbeth" on your face.


Överge Expressen och Aftonbladet

Det tog mig för lång tid innan jag insåg att tidningar – inte bara Expressen och Aftonbladet, även om de ofta är extremvidriga – har rapporterat om detta.

De borde kanske rapportera om vad SD faktiskt gör.

Rapportera om vad SD faktiskt står för, och vad de gör, och vad de orsakar.

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Jonestown: the final recordings

Picture from Jonestown, 1978.

Don’t be afraid to die.

The above are the final recordings made just before Jim Jones demanded that his followers kill themselves. He was at this point very paranoid, fuelled by drugs, and delusional.

“Don’t be afraid to die. You’ll see, there’ll be a few people land out here. They’ll — they’ll torture some of our children here. They’ll torture our people. They’ll torture our seniors. We cannot have this.” That’s what Jim Jones said to his followers, to try and convince them to poison their children to death using a mixture of Flavor-Aid and cyanide. This quote is from one of the three recordings above.

There is a tape transcript of the above recordings available here. The entire tape is available for download from

I’ve recently reviewed Jeff Guinn’s new, great book about Jim Jones and Peoples Temple; the review is here.

Undated picture of Jim Jones.

When authorities in Guayana first counted the number of dead, they reached a couple of hundred people. When the American authorities came in and started moving bodies, they discovered many more laid underneath what was a top layer of bodies. In the end, 918 people died in Jonestown, an incredibly horrendous murder-suicide.

Those who did not murder their own children, the children of others, or themselves, were murdered.

Jones was found having died by gunshot.

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Henrik Bromanders nya bok, “Bara en kram”

Jag gillade “Riv alla tempel” oerhört mycket och tyckte om “Vän av ordning“, som är de två första delarna av en trilogi. Nu har Henrik bekräftat den sista delen:

I augusti 2017 släpps Henrik Bromanders nya roman “Bara en kram“.

Jens Svanström, nöjesprofil i Göteborgs indievärld, väcker uppmärksamhet med sina krönikor om jämställdhet och mansvälde. Till sist landar han posten som chefredaktör för en av stadens gratistidningar. Men vad är det för rykten som sprids om honom, om gränslöshet, stalkertendenser och rena övergrepp?

Du hittar hans dator slängd på trottoaren. Varför ligger den där? På datorn finns två dokument: en dagbok och en roman. Börja läs.

Bara en kram avslutar Henrik Bromanders trilogi om maskulinitet. Det är en roman om sprickan mellan den yta vi vill visa upp och de monstruösa krafter vi försöker tygla inom oss. Ett isärplockande av den moderna, genusmedvetna kulturmannen. En berättelse om makt och maktlöshet som är svår att skaka av sig.

Det kommer att bli superintressant. Det finns ingen som skriver om maskulinitet som Bromander gör, på svenska. Att läsa hur skrämda hans män är, hur deras ocensurerade tankar skrivs ut är stort. Det är som att blanda Proust och Montaigne med internettroll och Richard Allen, men det är jääävligt förenklat och fult beskrivet. Jag försökte, åtminstone. Läs själv! Det är värt det. Jag har läst en bunt av hans tecknade böcker också, vilka är precis lika läsvärda som textböckerna.

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