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Saturday, July 1st, 2006

There’s a preferential Björk-box out, a tea-kettle that can be activated by SMS, Babyshambles release b-sides digitally, Pitchfork have compiled a list of “100 awesome music videos”, Bill Simmons (a.k.a. The Sports Guy) has compiled his list of fave YouTube-moments, the best counter-scam against a Nigeria-scammer has been performed (with pictures of wooden, carved stuff that the trying scammer actually sent the counter-scammer), Beck’s next album will be hip-hop again and produced by Neil Godrich, Stabby McKnife makes a grand tee and Zoho Show is out to rival Thumbstacks and MS PowerPoint.

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Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

Finding a good online to-do list would be as hard as turning “Knight Rider” into film…hang on, it’s being made! The downside: Miramax makes it. Anyway, TechCrunch has stepped up the game with this good article on available online to-do lists. Their winner is Tadalist, a free online to do-list which is simple, neatly built and easy to maintain; check a film of the interface (QuickTime, appx. 1MB in size) here. I’m still happy with how 30 Boxes works with their newly introduced to do-list. They don’t have a little film showing how to do it, so I made one to show you how it works, right here (flash, 240KB). Give or take a few misguided clicks, it shows the functionality. It looks as though 30 Boxes is here to stick around.

Speaking of lists, mynoteIT looks like a good list-maker for students.

It looks as if we will be able to use OpenDocument-files in MS Office 2007 after all. Wonderful.

Thanks to this guide I installed Munin today, to check how it monitors activity from my Ubuntu machine. Worked wonderfully, monitoring a lot of stuff out of the box. It’s quite like OP5.

Steve Mason, former frontman of Beta Band, has vanished utterly, by his own will. The debut album from King Biscuit Time, Mason’s latest moniker, is out on Monday, and the planned tour is now cancelled. It appears that Mason has quit music altogether, but let’s hope that’s not the case.

Arlington Bath & Shower GelI’ve got to lay a lot of love on D.R. Harris. I first came across them when I purchased their Arlington Bath & Shower Gel at Nitty Gritty, but as they no longer seem to care to re-stock D.R. Harris-products (at least not re-stocking any of their products that have gone out of stock for the past three months, as far as I have seen), I decided to use the D.R. Harris site instead.

Even though the menu-system of the site itself is a bit of a hindrance, it’s all forgotten once you know the following. First, I could have my products within three weeks. Fair enough, I thought, until I received my stuff yesterday, less than an entire week (week-end included) after ordering them. Second, the products were really carefully packaged. We’re talking a package embedded inside another package, filled with foamy bits to protect the, er, gel.

The next time I’m definitely ordering more. This is delivery and service at its peak, when having ordered something online. I just hope they keep the great work up.

The only thing that makes me merry about the film based on the book “The Da Vinci Code” is that it’s ruffling catholic feathers. Will christians start bringing movie-studios to court because of this? I hope so. It’s like hating Kobe Bryant: even though he’s everywhere (even though Steve Nash and his hoods kicked Laker-ass very recently in the play-offs) he’s still worthy of hate. By the way, you have to read that article, even if you loathe basketball.

Oh, I’ve just finished “The Wire Season 2”. I love that series. I love that series. I haven’t seen anything like it since I was totally into “Twin Peaks”. True, with loads of thanks to George Pelecanos, it’s very macho and even bordering on burlesque, but keeps quite tight due to a great cast, and a fantastic script. And Omar Rules.

Me if good, bad if you

Monday, February 27th, 2006

Nationalism! People who play ice-hockey! They’re good if they win! I mean, if WE win.

More snow, Daniel-San, kitties

Thursday, December 29th, 2005

Another boring weather-update, fantastic sports-coverage by The Sports Guy and many a picture featuring flying kitties.

Just like Pearl Jam/I’m still alive

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

Hey! I’m back. Presumably, I’ll now keep on blogging till the break-a, break-a dawn. So here are a lot of links and a rundown on what’s happened recently: Bon Lloc, crazy (i.e. insane) partying, furniture and links.