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Monday, May 29th, 2006

A bunch of links on dinner this week-end, Excel 2007 and XML, the Green River Killer, John Cameron Mitchell’s “Shortbus”, technologically smart yet a tad insane kids, pictures of the $100 laptop, SlimStat for WordPress, FiLO and MiLO for organising, pictures of punks, me wanting more Sherlock Holmes and my review of The Pipettes’ coming album.

Blogging to WordPress from Word 2007

Sunday, May 28th, 2006

A little guide on blogging to WordPress from MS Word 2007 beta 2.


Friday, May 26th, 2006

Today was shopping day as my monthly salary came. And went.

First, I found a pair of brilliant oki-ni Gazelle Laser shoes at Nitty Gritty, but the trick was, you couldn’t buy them there. You had to go to above link and get them through there. No sweat. They actually look a lot better in real life than on the site; the soles are very cobolt-blue and the laser-made stitching makes the simple embroidery look fantastic (i.e. not pressed down as they become when done through regular stitching, or so I’m told) but despite their looking fantastic, the best part was the feel. Oh Bog.

Little more than a year ago, while visiting Mikaela’s relatives in Spain, I got hold of a couple of shoes of this model by Camper. Having worn them for a month my feet started to go haywire, as the soles were flat; if I had been walking without shoes I’d have been better off.

So I kept that in mind as I purchased a couple of Timberlands for the winter-season. The soles were excellent, but the “roof” of the shoes were not: the holes where the laces go through hurt the tops of my feet so bad (not due to my tying the laces too hard, I assure you) so that’s another aspect I thought of when trying out said Gaselles.

So I’m replacing my old Dockers with Gaselles I just ordered, and I bought this pair of secondary summer shoes at Herr Judit. I also got this Disco Dave-shirt from the same place.

Mikaela's new shoes While out walking, Mikaela saw a pair of wonderful shoes and fell in love with them, but as she’s not working full-time I decided to buy them for her; John chipped in as well and Mikaela nearly cried because of the altruism, but believe me, those shoes look great on her and she should have them, so they’re hers now. Ha.

I got myself a large Moleskine ruled notebook; it feels brilliant and looks even better. By the way, their new City Notebook looks like a brilliant thing when travelling (to a city they cover). I also got a 0.5mm liquid gel ink-pen.

We also got hold of bread from Rival, a champagne (Billecart-Salmon Brut Réserve) for tomorrow, when we will be making pizza with Frederic and John, I got the latest issue of The Fader and Mikaela bought a mandolin.

Some kind of justice

Friday, May 26th, 2006

BeyatchesI have no love for the bosses of Enron, so now when the biggest ones are getting sentenced to jail for what will most likely be the rest of their lives, I am happy.

They devastated the lives of many and ended up on top anyway, but really, taking their freedom will be devastation for them, even if they’re rich.

Spam-filter cost tax-payers 250000USD

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

This story caught my eye:

A man competes in a bidding-war on who gets to provide a new telephone system to the Cobb County school system in Georgia, e-mails his bid – which is appx. 250000USD lower than the closest competitor – but is ousted from the bidding due to his e-mail getting snagged by the recipient’s spam filter. Hence, the tax-payers have to pay a quarter of a million US Dollars due to this error. Horrible shizz. But it’s actually worse than that. From said article:

And to add insult to injury, the Cobb County school system is blaming Russell for the fact that his email got trapped by their spam filter! […] Cobb County schools’ finance director Robert Morales blames Russell, saying that “someone seeking a substantial contract with a public agency should be able to outwit a program designed to catch pornographers.“

Horrid idiocy.