This weekend was awesome

Following a very intense week as far as work is concerned, I kind of made up for all of that by letting loose during the weekend. My Bog.

Friday: Mia and I visited Adrian whose flat is intense. Talk about a warm atmosphere with lots of personal style. He’s just so kind and nice, and made a great salad for dinner. And was a very generous host, before he recorded our vocals for a musical project he’s doing: the music and concept weirdly is like a kind of mix of Sparks and 1990s euro-pop, with a Pet Shop Boys feel. I’m really looking forward to the finished product, although I’m certain people will go mental from hearing my voice.

Before and after we turned up at Adrian’s, we decided to have a go at a toy in a nearby park. Mia went, by Jove! Her moves reminded me of those of Tom Waits in “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up“.

Mia vs park toy = funnnn!

Saturday: woke up late, had a calm day at home and finished that off by visiting The Malin, where we had Chapel Hill and loads of laughs. My god. It’s freaking ages since we partied together, mostly due to her having another stint in the US of A with Brother Bobby. They’re like peas in a pod, those two. Sheer individuals, also kind and warm. By god, we danced the night away. Actually started off by dancing Malin’s living-room lamp to shreds, attempting to re-assemble it again, some more drink, off to Debaser Slussen, some dancing to shitty DJs who were all into navel-gazing and not giving a shit. As we entered they were playing Soulwax’s “NY Excuse” and I was going mental to that but then they delved into shitdom. I tried to have words with them but as they were DJing on a stage (…) and nobody was allowed to go talk to them (…!) we decided to leave for Medusa.

Yes, Medusa. The rock club! The hellion of rock bars. The funny thing is that they played some of the usual music, e.g. Rage Against The Machine and KISS, and also played a long…Michael Jackson medley?! We daaaanced. And laughed. There are actually two stripper poles installed in that dungeon, and I worked one like a pro retard, which was incredibly fun as you could tell from strange guys’ faces. They were probably hoping for some females to hang from them acting slutty, but as Ice-T would say: “Shit ain’t like that! It’s real fucked-up!” I’ll be giving lessons soon, count on it.

I misplaced my scarf and as I found it, some guy was puking on it. Yep. So that idea went out the door really fast. Fuck. It was a beautiful gift from Mia.

Sunday: watched Melodifestivalen, the Swedish ongoing musical contest where a-z-list artists battle it out to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. This one wasn’t as much fun as the last one I’d say, with no clear favourites or songs that really stood out. Or if they somehow did stand out, everything was very play-it-safe, which is not Thorsten Flinck, the man who dominated the first leg of this year’s competition. His contribution was theatrical, melodic, forced (in a good way) and could have been bad but rose to the occation.

Mia and I watched “Role Models” which was really funny, plus a lot of TV. It was all love. I’ll cherish that day forever. <3

All in all: a great weekend. Batteries are recharged, most definitely.

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