Alex fighting, Morrissey fighting, new Nikon camera coming

On a very chilly Wednesday evening, Mikaela, her brothers, Alex’s fans and I went to Tantog√•rden to have a look at Alex’s match against some other brute; Alex is into Shooto, and this was his first official match. He was asked on Monday if he wanted to do the match, which, of course, gave him very little time to prepare. Even so, he was miles above the performance of the other guy, who au contraire had more routine and age to boot; not that age was a plus on his side. When the judge called a draw, Alex looked miserable and the other guy nearly burst with gladness. Next time around Alex will pierce somebody’s jugular, or whatever fighters do to win quickly.

Speaking of fighters, this is an angry, informative and funny letter courtesy of Morrissey, who combats ignorance, dust and the big record-labels, people who marry their mother and some coming (and probable, if you listen to the man), ignorantly remastered solo-works of Morrissey’s, which will be very interesting. I still give “Vauxhall & I” 10/10 without blinking; it’s a masterpiece.

Speaking of nothing, please, give me the coming 10.2 Nikon DSLR-camera now.

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