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I like VMWare for OSX, now that it’s here to compete with Parallels and Boot Camp. The screen-shot reveals a) a Parallels-icon in the dock and b) a Logitech Web Cam-icon on the desktop, somehow making me wonder if it means one will be able to use iSight through Windows, which Parallels/Boot Camp hasn’t done yet.

Doodim lets you dim everything but the current, active window only, to let you concentrate and get things done. OSX only.

More OSX only: I like hot corners, but this is what I really need to be able to use and enjoy them to the max without interference. Yay to the community.

Bad MacBook news: I’ve just experienced my first spontaneous shutdowns on my MacBook. This means I can only use OSX for as long as…the computer is satisfied with being alive, and sadly, that differs. It started happening yesterday, appx. a month after purchasing it, which seems to be the when the problems hit most who are affected – and that’s a lot of people: over 600 posts were entered into this thread at the Apple Forums, and people have experienced these problems no matter what configuration, third-party or no-third-party equipment they were running, and some who have had their logic boards and even entire computers swapped for new ones have experienced the spontaneous shutdowns again. Apple are silent about the whole issue, though. I hope ol’ Steve takes care of it during his WWDC 2006 keynote speech tonight.

On a lighter note I’ve started using Gizmo alongside Skype, and it allows me to call other Gizmo-users’ home phone-number – for free. Brilliant! In some other countries, e.g. the USA, they can call mobile phones for free, too. Insane, and working well. The client is available for OSX, Windows and Linux, wee!

I’ve just helped to make sure Quick SMS incorporates Tele2, a Swedish mobile phone-carrier. So what’s Quick SMS? It’s a plugin for WordPress, allowing you to do what I’ve done – put a little text-field in the sidebar of your blog, so that people can send you an SMS for free. Chuckles all around!

edit: I was naà¯ve enough to think I wouldn’t get spammed, but hell no; unless this plugin gets hitched-up with a spam-protection service, e.g. Akismet, it would be delightful.

And oh, sing a happy song for Arthur Lee, who has made Earth a lonelier place, and listen to Love.

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  1. Niklas’ blog » Blog Archive » MacBook problems continued: spontaneous shutdowns and boot issue Says:

    […] Or, to be correct, it’s not the operating system I’m having a feud with – it’s the MacBook. Apple still are extremely quiet and extremely tight-assed about both admitting there is a wide-spread problem with the MacBooks shutting down when they should not, and even though it’s only (…) happened to me eight times in the past three days, I’m freaked out when it happens. Even though I’m a person who saves often and backs up everything (when I remember to), I hate it. And, of course, every professional maker of computers should make damn sure it doesn’t happen. […]

  2. Niklas’ blog » Blog Archive » Farewell, MacBook - I hope Says:

    […] No disrespect to the nice person’s gut, but I’d rather fling myself at a pitchfork rather than wait for Apple to correct this. I cannot believe the arrogance they’re displaying about this matter; being silent is saying “we don’t give a toss about you”, foremost to the customer, but also to their own people, i.e. the front-line at AppleCare who cannot say more than “we don’t know” about the matter. Apple has to lose their air of secrecy if they wish to gain respect and not lose it. […]

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