Fame today #1: Convo

I’ve used the collaboration suite Convo for quite some time.

Yesterday, they renewed their platform, renaming themselves Convo (from Convofy), releasing a web desktop version of the system plus a renewed iOS client, revamping the eye-candy in the process. Here‘s a good blog post of theirs about it. See if you recognise a familiar face at 1:34 repping the company he used to work for:

If you don’t like to watch my eye-rolling skills, here’s a still shot:

Me doing Convo

I’m at the time of writing this available to glance at through their site:

Hailing Convo

Welly-well. I still do love the app, I do. It’s seriously the best I’ve used for real-time communication, and Lawd knows you need it when working in IT and other lines of business. And you bet I’m going to try and get it into my new workplace. Check out the Convo one-minute tour of what you can do with it, and then the video tours to look deeper.

And I’m available for parties, low fees and all.

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