Integration and migration in Sweden

Mikaela just told me about this radiant and highly important monograph by Masoud Kemali, which serves to highlight the problems that Sweden now faces, when Nyamko Sabuni and Tobias Billström are elected as minister of integration and minister of migration, respectively.

To start with, Sabuni is black and female, which in the eyes of many, I fear serves as a sort of “can’t be racist then” sort of strategy by the party that elected her; I only think so with retrospection as she brings changes that are only seen in racist parties, e.g. demands that the government should have the power to probe the genitals of girls from foreign countries (to see if they have been altered in any way), demands that immigrants must be able to pass certain tests after they’ve entered Sweden in order to tell how proficient they are in Swedish, demands to force moslem girls to not wear a veil in school and at the same time decrease the grants and instead – as if this is the way out – force immigrants to work (as if they’re not currently the backbone of Sweden, by currently carrying out every type of shit job there possibly is, just like Puerto Ricans in New York1) and send more police to the suburbs. Yep, fairly much like any party where the leader is a white, rich male that gives props to most other white, rich males. Dubya and Condi, anybody?

Sounds reasonable enough, if you’re for people like Le Pen.

Tobias Billström is bisexual and our new minister of migration. He is also attacked by Kemali, for basically what Sabuni is: for attempting to hide the fact that racism is part of daily life in Sweden. So far, he has done nothing to unveil the atrocities committed by the Swedish Migration Board in the very recent past. Also, he’s another of the Swedish ministers who hasn’t paid his TV licensing fee and has also bought private stuff off his governmental credit card. In 1995, Mona Sahlin, then minister of equality affairs and deputy prime minister, resigned from her posts as she had “bought a chocolate bar then and again”. Please. Do note that the new prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, has basically not done or said a thing about the problems his newly appointed ministers have faced during their first week of running the country. I’d actually feel more content if somebody sprung the brunt of the more anti-social pack off Kumla and appointed them.

By the way, don’t forget the new minister of health and social affairs, Göran Hägglund, the leader of the christian democratic party in Sweden; he wants to question abortions on an ethical basis. I’d like to question his faith first, if you don’t mind, on a scientific and anti-mad basis.

Is Sweden turning more like the polarised politics of the USA, or do we need more people like Bill Hicks to stand up against these pains?

  1. Bourgeois, “In Search Of Respect: Selling Crack In El Barrio“[back]

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