PS3, want you here; SingStar into the future

I went searching a bit if info on SingStar for Zak, and I came across the first SingStar-game that’s going to be released for the PS3. Jesus freaking God Richard Dawkins.

Here you’ll find details to knock you off your seat:

“¢ Your Playlist ““ Select and sing the songs you want.
“¢ 300+ Songs ““ Entire SingStar PlayStation 2 catalogue and more available for download on day one.
“¢ My SingStar ““ All new SingStar online community allows users ito upload and share audio feedback, EyeToy performances, EyeToy Snapshots & Scores.
“¢ Connectivity ““ Transfer your best bits from PLAYSTATION 3 to PSP system and take your performances with you on-the-go.

I just hope it’s more than the “naa-naa-naaaAAA-naaa-naaa” thing that is SingStar today; sure, with enough alcohol in them people love it, but it’s not very fun if you’re into improvising or adding something that’s very on-the-tone-spot to the song.

Speaking of the PS3, my old mate Toby is in charge of the Swedish official PS3 blog. Go, Toby!

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4 Responses to “PS3, want you here; SingStar into the future”

  1. Zak Says:

    Thanx for the research Niklas, you’z always there fo ya friends!;D What’z da deal wid dat friggin’ shot of me though, you can’t even see it’s me damnit:D Oh and why would anybody want to play Singstar sober, the whole point of it is being wasted & hysterically makin’ a fool of yaself, someday I’ll show you a few snaps & film snippets from our drunken naked Singstar session on the tourbus!:D

  2. Niklas Says:

    I’ll mos def prefer to see those legendary karaoke clips of your bloody self singing Sex Pistols tracks in Tokyo – and that’s before “Lost In Translation”, hah!

  3. Zak Says:

    Damn I’d almost forgotten about Tokyo, have to dig out that tape some day and take a trip down memory lane, damn it was 9 years ago already, crazy! I’ll holla at ya when i find the material:D

  4. Niklas Says:

    Well, when you do I’ll gladly digitise it for you onto DVD – and of course then release it onto YouTube for the appreciation of your fans who’ll gladly want to see vids with Ye Olde Zak, sporting a goatee (and a big ol’ cock according to Veckorevyn or whateva :D) and youth on his side 😉

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