Caffeine OD

2007-09-13-coffee.jpgAs I was thinking about how much fat a regular coffee in Stockholm (meaning the caffé latte) contains nowadays, I started feeling withdrawals. At times, I really long for coffee, just like other addicts. Then, I extol it; it’s my morning-time panacea and Godsend. Of course, caffeine’s the active substance in coffee, the executer1 that transforms coffee from a mere drink into an addiction: government-supported, just like cigarettes and loads of pills, and hence OK in the eyes of most people. Unless you’re the Ethiopian farmer growing the beans, getting f-ed out of money you’re due.

Erowid lists the negative effects of caffeine as follows:

“¢ Increases anxiety and nervousness at high doses or in sensitive individuals [Lieberman 1992, Loke 1988]
“¢ Insomnia, decreased ability to sleep [Smith 2002]
“¢ Caffeine withdrawal can worsen mood [Schuh 1997]
“¢ Caffeine withdrawal causes headaches, flu-like symptoms, feelings of lethargy and reduces motivation [Schuh 1997]
“¢ Increases jaw tension and bruxism [Erowid Self Reports 2000, Ohayon 2001]

Of course, you can take everything a notch further by really overdosing.

I’ve thought about the effects of caffeine on me. It’s mostly no real boost in the morning, I tend to overdose when drinking too much, I can get really nervous and twitchy, it upsets my stomach once in a while and it’s socially accepted and available everywhere. So, what’s the option?

Tea, of course. This might sound blatantly stupid, but still: tea doesn’t contain as much caffeine and hence reduces the risk of being hit by the negatives listed above. A very fresh Swedish study shows that green tea may reduce the risk of developing diabetes, and this study says green tea may help prevent autoimmune diseases. But this means little to somebody in the grip of coffee; if you still feel you must have your coffee, have that which is marked fair trade.

  1. Of course de-caffeinated coffee exists, but I think very few drink it in comparison with the large number of people who prefer their smack laced with caffeine.[back]

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2 Responses to “Caffeine OD”

  1. Zak Says:

    Well I don’t drink coffee but talking of addiction I guess this is where I shouldn’t mention that I usually take about 5 spoons of sugar with my tea?:D

  2. Niklas Says:

    Hell’s bells! Should I say I actually had a cup while writing the above? I’m an addict, yes I am.

    Ad-Rock, Beastie Boys: “I like my sugar with coffee and cream”.

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