WordPress 2.1 hits like a frikkin’ rock

WordPress, the best blogging platform in the world, has gone v2.1 which means a bunch of things.

So, any problems upgrading for me? Not really, apart from luckily noticing that I had to overwrite wp-cache.php; I was getting bizarre error-messages before that, relating to WP-Cache, saying the following:

Call to undefined function: add_filter() in /home/[my_home_dir_name]/public_html/wp-includes/default-filters.php on line 4

…but after overwriting wp-settings.php, everything was healthy. After that I just had to run the upgrade-script and sing a merry song with the people at the WordPress IRC Live Help channel.

Thanks a lot for the release!

My first impressions:

  • I love the fact that WP now automatically saves drafts of posts. Mind you – “The title of the post must be filled out in order for autosaving to occur.”
  • The Dashboard looks uglier: the fonts that display news are bigger and uglier.
  • The Dashboard is faster than v2.0.7: this also goes for a lot of the other pages in WP.
  • I’d like to delete the new, second default category “other blogs”; I’d at least like to be able to rename it.
  • The upgrade section of the WordPress site is rarely in sync with a newly released version of WP. Could be I’m just a geek waiting for the minute something new drops, but whaddaell!
  • Links are now called “Blogroll”, and the description one applies in this list is no longer visible in the sidebar; not in mine anyway.

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