Geeky links: Cowon, Vista, Scrybe, Virtual Ubiquity, Photoshop online, WordPress 0wned

Cowon have released the Cowon D2, a 4GB PMP and CNet have a video-review available here.

Interestingly, a way to brute-force your way to a valid Windows Vista keygen is here, about the same time a cracked version of Windows Vista Ultimate made its way onto the Internet. Maybe now, Steve Ballmer’s claim that pirating has damaged sales of Windows Vista will be based on reality, and not the near-complete lack of drivers and applications for the OS.

I’m looking forward to hook up with Scrybe, an online organiser with extremely nice features, such as drag-and-drop, creating to-do-lists by pasting series of data from apps such as MS Excel and MS Project plus very nice ways to use data from web-pages and present it neatly. Check out the video preview.

Virtual Ubiquity seems to offer a really nice online word-processor; judging from the pretty pictures, it’s more influenced from the iLife-suite from Apple than MS Office.

Adobe Photoshop will be remade as an online tool. Either it will rock or it will suck the life out of web 2.0 totally; I’m hoping for extreme collaborative features, a lot of support for homebrewed plugins, filter, et.c. and a lot of non-IE-support.

WordPress is now out in a new version due to a nifty thing; a hacker placed “exploitable code” in the downloadable WordPress-package and presto, people had turned their blog into a box of doom. Not to worry, it’s all patched and tweaked now, but this is just another example of how client-side tech will 0wn your computer/network/life; when the code can be run through your web browser, where’s the security?

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