tumblr: a miniblog, my miniblog

Of late I have often found myself fragmented enough not to blog here. Instead, I have posted my mind on my tumblr-blog. You didn’t even know I had one, right? Ha, it’s new.

So, what’s tumblr? It’s a hosted1 miniblog system, aimed at people who either want to use it as a funnel for all types of feeds, those who want to blog but keep it short2 . Or both. Read all about tumblr here.

But why start one? Because it’s made for small things. You enter something little, e.g. a quote, a YouTube-clip, a link or a picture. Tumblr then interprets the info and displays it nicely; for instance, when you add a link to a picture, the tumblr-server downloads and saves it, so you won’t have to care if the original’s gone.

And you can let tumblr import your other feeds and display them quite nicely: a flickr-picture is resized to fit and chronologically inserted among your other tumbls. A blog-post from WordPress is neatly placed. Twitter posts are inserted as sheer text.

All in all, I like it. It’s thought through, helps me to save loads of stuff quickly and is very stream-of-consciousness. I think I’m going to continue using it.

  1. Meaning you can’t download and install it.[back]
  2. And Bog knows I’m one of those people at times.[back]

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