Commenting on my blog = good karma

When visiting my parents yesterday, my mother piped up true to form:

Oh, you’ve blocked me! You’ve blocked me from commenting on your blog! I knew it! Sooner or later you’d start blocking me, I knew it!

No, mom. I’ve started using reCAPTCHA. So what’s that?

A captcha is a way to make sure that the comments posted to my blog are from humans and not computers. Basically, it’s to fend off spam. A user who wants to perform an action, e.g. comment a blog-post, has to do something a computer can’t really do, like answering “What’s 1 + 5?” or “Type notspam”, in order for the action to be performed. Captcha also sounds hip-hopish, which means I love it. Seriously though, whenever somebody uses reCAPTCHAs they directly help out with digitising books1, which is the reason why I’ve enabled this on my blog. I’m giving back a little of what I’m getting. Instant karma!

WordPress, the platform I’m using to blog, is totally free of charge and always will be. I’m basically not making any money off this blog2 and I’m only using free add-ons and plug-ins for it, so why not give a little back to the community? What goes around, comes around.

reCAPTCHA sampleThe image on the left side is a sample image of what a reCAPTCHA looks like. In order to have your comment posted you have to type the two words (with a space between them) and click the usual “Submit comment-button”. Simple.

reCAPTCHA even helps you by masking your e-mail address, which is a very sane service to use when you post your e-mail address on the web or send it by e-mail. There is a bunch of simple plug-ins that enable a few platforms, e.g. WordPress, phpBB and MediaWiki, to use this service. Speaking of tech and usability, reCAPTCHA doesn’t mean people who are visually impaired are left out in the cold; there’s a built-in option to hear the challenge read aloud.

Mom, do you get it now? 😉

  1. Which you may read more about here[back]
  2. My host costs me appx. $50/year, which I hope to recoup based on what I make off Google AdSense; of course, as I’m currently making appx. $1/1000 page impressions and the first payment will happen when I reach $100, my days spent swimming in liquid gold will probably wait a while.[back]

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