UPS: I still don’t like you

UPS still suck

This is a continuation of this post.

On Friday, I called UPS, was told that the package would still not reach me on that day, and that Monday would be the day. For the third time in total, during this call I checked with the person with whom I was speaking that my address was correct, and so forth.

At 17:35, something was logged on their site.1 I checked it and you can see the result in the image above.

Another detail in the message said that I had moved. Yes, moved.

I called UPS this morning and asked them, in nicer words, what the hell they were doing. I told the person that I spoke with that their company had done wrong multiple times and I must have my package now.

UPS: Well, it could be the driver couldn’t find the building.
me: It’s here. I have given you the exact address, and the company name is marked with a big sign. Besides, your–
UPS: OK, delivery’s to blame here. I’ll speak with them, please hang on.

A minute later:

UPS: Hi, well, now delivery will call you back in an hour, maximum one hour.
me: Fine. Will I get the package today?
UPS: Sadly, that’s not likely.

What. The. Hell.

Anyway, curtsy, curtsy, hung up.

One hour later nobody had called me. I was about to curse when our reception e-mailed me saying there was a package waiting for me. I checked it out, and the UPS person had already gone…

Really, UPS, get your fucking ducks in a row. This is just too bad.

  1. Of course, I couldn’t see this by receiving a text message, even though they claim to support this.[back]
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