My nerdy, distanced take on WWDC07

I’ve just “witnessed” WWDC07, by watching the news from a couple of monitors. Not any live video-feeds from the net, but stuff off Sitening and Mac Rumors. I’m not going to mull so much over what’s already been disclosed during WWDC06. My idea of what’s cool this time:


Yeah, it’s all about Leopard, dropping in October. My fave features:

64-bit: yeah, stability. 64 bits are way better than 32 in terms of speed and stability. One version even supports supports both 32-bit and 64-bit apps.

Stacks: a seemingly nice way to organise your dock. You gather files in your dock as stacks and as you click them, they spread out. You can configure a stack for containing your downloaded files. Every new file’s added on top, and the rest are ordered chronologically. It can be used as an application launcher.

Spotlight: it now searches through other Macs and servers.

Quick Look: allows you to really preview files without opening the applications. E.g. you can browse through a Pages presentation in the Finder; the only limitation to what can be “quick looked through” is on the developer’s side.

.mac: now serves as hub to allow you to always find your computers. This means your home computer only has to be connected through .mac in order for your work computer to find files and other stuffs on it; I wonder how transparent this really is. Will one be able to use Spotlight to search another computer? What about the security aspects? This sounds a bit like the volatility of Skype.

iChat: better audio, tabbed chats and effects. Taking the piss out of Microsoft equals good.

Dashboard: widgets will be comically easy to create from existing web pages/parts, thanks to a small tool, allowing the user to basically scissor out what’s important and let that little part update itself in the Dashboard. Excellent, moahaha. It’s demoed here.


WTF? Yeah.

Safari: now available as beta for Windows, presenting mad rendering times. Should be interesting and will hopefully put more pressure on Microsoft. I loathe using IE7. What would be better, though, would be if Safari on Win XP actually worked, yeah. It loads, but doesn’t let me enter any text, anywhere. It doesn’t load properly. It doesn’t display any text on the menues. Blargh. I love it when Apple diss Microsoft but this is just laaame.


They showed off a lot of developer stuff, AJAX, web services, and they basically want to say that you have to write a few lines of code to make the iPhone go McGyver.

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