Luck: package, razor. Tim Hardin and Okkervil River. And scientology.

Two instances where damage could have been done, but was avoided.


Went to pick up three parcels, went out with four. Why? As my local package-handling person recognises me, she said “Yeah, and there’s one package that you’re sending back.”

Wait a minute. No, nuh. Which package is that? She picked it up for me. As I laid eyes on a package that I’d been waiting for a month to see, I could now understand that it had been near all along1. No message that it had been delivered, no reminder. It’s as though UPS did it, shucks!

I duly thanked the package-handling person and went home.

This morning

As I received a grindstone to sharpen my razor, I used it this morning.2 At first, I was more than frightened. Then, upon discovering that I had actually not killed myself, I went on. Doing the chin was the hardest. And the bit just below the nose.

The best thing: it’s smooth. And I didn’t cut myself! YEAY!

To top that off, I just discovered the new cover album in Tim Hardin’s honour is out. Check it on physical media, WiMP or Spotify.

Here’s a test:

Speaking of religion, I’m currently reading Lawrence Wright‘s very good book on scientology, called “Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief“.

Here’s a clip from “On The Media” where you can go to 21 minutes to hear the talk about the book and about scientology in general. It’s quite breathtaking, especially the bit on how the IRS was brought to heel by the scientologists, not to mention how they persecuted Paulette Cooper, who wrote the first exposé on scientology, called “The Scandal of Scientology“. The talk is appx. 11 minutes long.

  1. If that doesn’t sound like a tawdry country ballad, shoot me in the nuts.[back]
  2. If you’re wondering why I actually bought a razor in the first place, you have never seen that scene in “The Godfather” where a guy gets his throat slit, and you think operant conditioning is the shit.[back]
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