New music: Daft Punk, MGMT, Emancipator, Thee Oh Sees, Johnny Marr. Also Tig Notaro, more fun and Chris Brown.

I haven’t written about music in a while, so here goes a wad!

MGMT live at Berns

When did Colombia become such a hot label? Well, hot would be the wrong word.

Daft Punk have just signed, and they’re releasing their first album in eight years, come May 2013!

Then there’s MGMT whose second album, “Congratulations“, was a massive hit in my mind, who now say they’re getting even more weird for their third album which is hopefully out soonish. Am I the only one who thinks “Congratulations” was neither weird or a flop? When I saw them live at Berns in 2010, that was a really good gig. Out came the brats from the posh side of town who were expecting to hear “Kids“, and instead heard tracks celebrating Dan Treacy and Brian Eno through a distorted echo-box.

The above cuts are by Emancipator who has made a really good alternative electronic album named “Dusk to Dawn” that was released on Monday, which kind of…complements Moby’s “Play”. But better in some ways. Produced well, containing some really good music to work/trip out to. Only 10 USD to download, people!

And then, there’s Thee Oh Sees, who are out with a new album, called “Floating Coffin“, on 2013-04-16. Yes, that is the album cover above.

Johnny Marr is still coming out with his debut solo album, “The Messenger“, in late February (less than a month away!). Here‘s a recent interview which is quite bad in my mind, but his replies are good. Don’t miss his clip from TV series “Portlandia“:

Don’t miss out on Tig Notaro‘s wonderful stand-up album titelled “Live“. It’s brilliant, and I’m not over-exaggerating shit. 30 minutes of mind-throwing reality.

Let’s not forget to end things the way of The Onion, whose perfect headline yesterday read “Nation Would Not Be Surprised At This Point If Chris Brown Allegedly Traveled Back In Time And Punched Anne Frank“.


The Cave Singers are now a quartet (previously a trio) and will release a new album on 2013-03-05, and The Strokes will release their new album.

Edit 2:

…and it’s such a strong day for record releases; Iron and Wine will debut on Nonesuch Records with “Ghost on Ghost”, 2013-04-16!

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