Review: Warren Ellis – “Gun Machine

Gun MachineGun Machine by Warren Ellis
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

While it’s easy to feel for the main character and his cronies, this is a book that has some brilliant moments, keeps the reader fairly interested, but fails when it comes to tempo and where writing easily turns into a clich├ęd noirish mess. Still, it’s a fun read.

Ellis, a great graphic novel writer, turns the reader onto an early murder frenzy and a great mystery. While the main character and some of the others reminded me a lot like Ellis himself – notably through his blog book, Shivering Sands – it’s obviously a problem. And smart details feed into the script endlessly, mostly without finesse.

This book is still to like. His language is easy to read, the tone is simple and makes for intelligent pulp reading, but a lot of details irritated me.

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