Amoeba’s “What’s in my bag?”, Dove vs feminism, Morrissey and Rick Astley

I’m a fan of the videos that Amoeba post online, where music artists turn up and recommend stuff that’s available through Amoeba, e.g. records, films, and other stuff. It’s quite inspirational, e.g. this one where you have Paul Weller recommending Karlheinz Stockhausen, Tame Impala and T. Rex.

Or why not Johnny Marr?

The “beauty company” Dove recently released a very interesting so-called feministic action that was designed to fool photo retouchers into displaying human bodies as they really are, but a more interesting and sad aspect of this is found by scratching the thinly veiled surface; from the link:

One question mark that has persisted throughout Dove’s real beauty campaign is motive. Is Dove really attempting to bring about social change in our perceptions of beauty? Or does it simply understand that the majority of its customers probably don’t look like the airbrushed models used in so many advertisements, and is marketing its products towards them? After all, other brands owned by Dove’s parent company, Unilever, don’t seem to be taking the real beauty message seriously “” just look at Axe’s commercials.

And finally, when revealing the best single cover in a long while, Morrissey reissues “The Last Of The Famous International Playboys:

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