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Well, yes, Bowie‘s got a new album out. By jove, I’m surprised that it’s as good as it is! Or rather – should I really be? It’s the mf’n Starman! It’s not as though one of the Gallagher brothers came back and did something worth checking out again.

But then there’s Suede to reckon with. What the hell! Their new album is actually quite good! Just check out the three first tracks and you’ll see. If you live in the UK you can currently stream it here. Mind you, I haven’t heard any of the lyrics, really, which means I’m trying to fortify myself for lyrics like those from “Positivity“…

I’m just glad they didn’t jump any bandwagon. Their melodies and guitars are as strong as ever (apart from when Bernard Butler was their lead guitarist, I must say). Jumping any bandwagons, I hear you ask? Well, what’s Bonde do Rà´le been up to of late?

My work place has physically moved this past weekend and I did other stuff.

…and here’s a M.I.A. mix that she did for Kenzo:

Einstà¼rzende Neubauten just unleashed a bunch of their old music onto Spotify. Always something, even though they’ve been reluctant to use it; other services, like WiMP, have had a lot of the EN back catalogue for some time. And the Paul Weller/Graham Coxon single is on there now as well!

And Depeche Mode are on Letterman’s show; older, wiser…

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