Fighting anti-feminism: a modern comparison with the old

The below photograph is of a page of Rudolf Höss‘ memoirs, which are titelled “Commandant of Auschwitz“.


His rapport on how gypsies inherently are and behave, is of course insane.

All the same, it is to a very large extent how anti-feminism works and has always worked; it is a machine of prejudice, greased by fervent hatred, fueled by an anti-intellectual will. It is something that I detest.

Höss’ words above reminds me of a debate in this episode of SVT Debatt, which is a Swedish public service TV show. One of the topics was a Danish public service TV show, in which one naked woman stands in front of two men. The men are both fully clothed, sitting down, and their only topic of discussion for the entire episode is said woman’s physical appearance. The woman is not allowed to speak. This is what the entire show is about. On SVT Debatt, it was defended by its Editor-in-chief, who said “The men are really the ones who are naked”.

I would like to propose a different view, a comparison, if you will:

The creator of this show is Adolf Eichmann, the perpetrators are SS doctors doing a selection, and the Editor-in-chief is Rudolf Höss.

“The female body is thirsting for words,” the creator of the show says. The male creator of the show.

Berlingske, a Danish newspaper, refers to this show as a pseudo-intellectual stripper concept. Personally, I agree, but I put it – as above – into different terms; it’s just a way to try to disguise the further use of women as sexual objects who shouldn’t be allowed to speak their mind (or at all), the way it’s been for long in non-developed parts of the mind.

Anti-feminism is just as defendable as pedophilia and must always be actively fought.

I will never come around to the idea of master/slave, the Madonna/whore simplex way of thought that’s passed on by people who are seldom, if ever, on the receiving end of the stick. Those who never seem to think about what happens if they substitute the word “women” for “jews”, “gays” or “negroes” when speaking in general terms. Those who spearhead anti-feminism seldom bring forth new ideas, never refer to scientific facts, but regurgitate prejudiced myths, adages and lies, just like neo-nazis who deny the existence of The Holocaust.

So, no, there may be very little that can be said to change the minds of these people but fuck that, continue to think, to evolve, to bend your mind against any trace of xenophobic evolution wherever it rears its head, no matter if that’s at your workplace, in your home or on the subway train, even if your teacher utters words like it, fight it to the very last breath. It’s worth it, and always is.

Anti-feminists don’t think, they tank.

If you meet somebody who somehow claims that women are inferior to men (or the other way around), ask them what they think about sexless persons. Or about people who switch gender. Watch their Hindenburg of thought explode and evaporate in a mist of logic and common sense. Confront. If somebody proposes an axiom that gains that person and dismisses the rights of many others and you feel that it’s wrong – fight.

I propose you celebrate feminism by paraphrasing Höss and turning his words against him and his cohorts; become pugnacious. Your anger really is a gift.

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