Review: Rudolf Höss – “Commandant of Auschwitz”

Commandant of AuschwitzCommandant of Auschwitz by Rudolf Höss
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This book is, as Primo Levi says in the introduction, filled with lies and shirks, but never the less, it is an extremely important document of The Final Solution, the extermination machine, Auschwitz, Birkenau, the bureaucracy, the corruption and the insanity that existed in the top ranks and among the SS in Auschwitz.

While Höss details his life from growing up until the end, he intersperses the story with very important details on how Auschwitz grew, how the sub-camps worked, he also writes about his family, mass exterminations, day-to-day activities, hardships, etc.

Remember: Höss joined the nazi party and the SS voluntarily. And he is considered by many to be the most cruel commandant of Auschwitz.

All in all, as Levi writes, Höss’ prejudice and idiocies stick out like “flies in milk”, but viewed with a critical eye, this is a must read for anybody who wants more insight into the horrors of The Final Solution.

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