Help at hand’s reach

I wouldn’t think twice about giving a friend all the loving care that I could give, provided that person wanted it.

But what if that person said he/she didn’t want it, told me to get lost, not to ask questions or try to take direction?

I’d follow my heart. Where logic fails, only love and experience can prevail.1 While someone may feel like being left alone, a friend can sense whether that person needs it or not.

Take me, for example. When I’m sad, I usually feel like retreating to a lonely place where only I can feel my pains, where I can’t hurt anybody else with hearing my thoughts. I used to think that I was retaining everybody else’s sanity by not unleashing my feelings at them at these times, but this is where experience kicks in: it’s alright to call your friends when you’re in a bad way.

Of course, there are times when you should be left alone to your own devices, but this isn’t what I’m aiming at in this post.

I’d much rather prefer a friend calling me up in the middle of the night, crying his/her eyes out, to that friend holding things in while hurting in private. I’d never want anybody to feel that way, in purgatory. When I delve into my own sadness I tend to think in circles. I go through what ails me over and over again, feeling more despair with each time while feeling sadder and sadder until I either reach a temporary rock bottom or I fall asleep. Does that bring solace? Temporarily, perhaps. Does it solve anything? Not very likely. Would I feel better instead if somebody whom I trust and love would cast light upon me with warmth and a clear head, as opposed to my roundabout thoughts and bawled-out senses? Very likely.

I’d still ask his/her forgiveness for it, during and after that talk. While writing these words, I feel like projecting my sadness on people is so bad, and I even feel selfish in writing this post, as if I’m telling people how to feel or think. I’m not. I’m just spilling my thoughts.

If you’re somebody’s friend, rest safe in the knowledge that your friend will love you through and through, stand up for your name, stand by your side no matter what and love you for turning up at their door-step at 4AM, cried-out, looking for their comforting arms.

Morrissey once sang “Hold on to your friends” and more true words have seldom been spoken.

A hug can be infinitely more comforting than any words at times.

  1. I prefer love to logic most times anyway.[back]

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2 Responses to “Help at hand’s reach”

  1. Melantrys Says:

    Well said/written.

    *gives you a hug* 😉

  2. ML Says:

    Låt mig citera en mycket klok och fin mà¤nniska:

    Baby, jag finns alltid vid din sida. à„ven om det kà¤nns jobbigt nu kommer det att kà¤nnas bà¤ttre; du ska få se.

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