Yesterday: hair, friends, stomach-pains

Last evening, I had my hair cut after work and then met Mia and Anders at Bönor och bakat. I had a sandwich, caffé latte and half a brownie. It was nice.

Mia and I went home, ate a couple of sweets as we watched the first half of “Hotel Rwanda” before going to bed.

I woke up at 01:00 in the night and stayed awake for roughly 1,5 hours with severe stomach distress, feeling like my skin was trying to crawl away from my body. Spiders under my skin, nervous tension manifesting in the flesh! I think the problem was the Indian vegetarian pot I’d had for lunch, together with a couple of coffees during the day and evening, combined with sugar and…I dunno. I had trouble sleeping, anyway.

When I finally fell asleep, it was only to wake up an hour or so later, having to rush to the loo. My stomach was making me bend over in order to get there at all. Hell. Dooms-day. Fire and brimstone. I started freezing and later got into bed with two quilts on to no avail. Freezing.

This morning felt like a hangover, and I’m obviously ranting about this as my head still hurts. Right now, I only wanna go home, sit with Mia by the TV, finish the film, drink some soothing tea, eat something nice and take it easy. Mmm. I think that’s what my week-end will be like.

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