MistoBox: finally arrived; the unboxing (plus cat picture)

Today my MistoBox arrived! For 100 Swedish crowns a month (including p&p) I get four small bags of coffee beans sent to me. Now the first box has arrived!


Oh yeah, oh yeah buddy.


Opening the above box displayed…another box! What a fucking relief. I thought the products would be there! Fair trade mee while I open my materialistic shit to read some little label saying “fair trade and ecological” somewhere inside, plzz.


I’m welcome to the crew.


I’m gonna drink till I pass. A lot of urine. A lot. Let me pass.


A lot of American coffees that sound like jazz labels!


Even Blixa approves. I think. Or she’s pissed off. Why she would think any of those two things would be very weird.

Now, I’m actually, really looking forward to try this shit out. Seriously, those coffees are of good repute. I know this because I know people who know. And by the way, if you buy any MistoBoxes because of me, please refer to me before you do; you do that by placing my name (Niklas Pivic) in the reference box on the checkout page. That way I will be able to buy more at a discount.

I’ll let you know what I think of the coffees. Promise.

Cheers! /Mr. Pee

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