Friends, David Farrington, IMAX polar bears and Le Creuset. And The Beatles, Karen Green and David Foster Wallace.

I was off from work last Thursday. We went to see David Farrington’s seminar at the Stockholm University together with The Pirate Cats and Simon. Very interesting, that seminar – despite my zoning out a couple of times – and Farrington spoke of crime prevention, concentrating on long-term effects when applied early in life. More on that here.


Highly interesting stuff. Anyway, Jerzy Sarnecki introduced Mr. Farrington and added that the Criminology department would serve wine after the seminar. Brilliant!


We didn’t drink or attend, but rather went to see an IMAX film on the Arctic, which was lovely, frightening and well made.

Hearing The Beatles’ “Because” in the film, where it flowed at me at a really loud volume, a capella, while watching polar bears walking in sub-sub-freezing temperatures, was a trip by itself. I didn’t want to see the polar bears get hurt, but you knew they would, at some point. Not because global warming will have melted away the arctic circa year 2050, but…because the sky is blue. Kind of.


We bought a lot of stuff. Bought tattoos that we pasted onto ourselves when Marielle came to visit. She added all of them to her legs and tummy, while Mia and I applied one each. Mine’s still on my right arm. It’s twisted because I added it when my arm was flexed, so when my arm is extended, the dino is stretched out. Poor dino.

We’ve bought stuff from Le Creuset. Finally! We’ve talked about it for ages but now we’ve finally done it. Owning a round French oven, cast iron and enameled, is great for cooking. You have to work hard to burn food, but if you do, the enamel makes it easy to wash away the burned stuff.

Such a mean old man … Yes, I’m listening to “Abbey Road” as I wrote of “Because“. When I was smaller, I used to think that album was supposedly shit because The Beatles were fighting throughout. Well, I don’t know if I was actually thinking at the time. Was probably listening too much to what professional critics were saying. Fuck that shit. The album is patchwork, cobbled together from a variety of ideas, songs, tricks and a billion influences. And this from a group who was hounded by critics as a boy band. Listen to songs like “Golden Slumber” and I defy you to scoff at this shit. It’s brilliant.

I’m reading Karen Green’s “Bough Down“, a poetry book on her life at the end of, and after the end of her husband’s life. Her husband was David Foster Wallace. The poetry is dense, focused, intense and still given air to breathe. She manages to exude sadness without any pity or drabness; on the contrary, it is lively. Almost a celebration to life in itself, as she picks up and views so many of the little things that I love about life, while not being quirky in any bad sense of the word. I’ve only read 30 pages but it’s great, both as a celebration to living, as well as being extremely heavy. I’m a DFW fan, and I would give a lot to see another novel of his form and come back to life; most of all, though, I wish he were alive to enjoy life, that he’d gotten back up from his depression, but hell, we still have his books. I mean, read “The Pale King” and just cry for having discovered something that blissful. Truly Blissful. I’ve never read a tome that is to such an extent about boredom that has been so interesting, alive and about humanity, than this book.

Time for sleep. Time to try and relax. Oh, one more thing:


Found that right outside our apartment complex. More graffiti like that, please.

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