Bodil Malmsten and Kendrick Lamar

There is a correlation between Bodil and Kendrick.

Bodil Malmsten, possibly the greatest living author in Sweden today, is a militant mind. Her latest and last log book, “Och ett skepp med sju segel och femti kanoner ska f√∂rsvinna med mig“, is to compare with the works of Montaigne and Chomsky, albeit on a very non-intellectual level; her words on how Vattenfall has failed Sweden in more than one way is a one-way battle.

On the flipside, I was recently tipped off about a video that shows how adversity can turn into happiness and companionship.

That’s known rapper Kendrick Lamar, who at a recent gig turned against a guy who he claims stood with his arms crossed behind him, seemingly dissing Lamar’s act. So Lamar let the guy have the mic. And what turned from a lot of crowd booing…just watch the video. If you can’t stand waiting, go to the 02:20 mark and watch it explode.

End point being…? Well, if you’ve got a slingshot, let it fly; if you disagree, make your mark. You don’t have to be an ass about it, but do as Bodil and Kendrick do: put your action where your mouth is.

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