Review: Heinz Hegel – “Männen med rosa triangel

Männen med rosa triangelMännen med rosa triangel by Heinz Heger
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This is a recent translation of a book which is a statement of a homosexual man who was sent to the concentration camps during the Second World War, as told to another person.

It is very well written, contains much information on the day-to-day life of “the men wearing pink triangles” – the pink triangle symbolising that the wearer is homosexual – in a concentration camp.

Being homosexual, they were considered as bad as Jews and Romani people, and even worse than the pedofiles and convicted criminals (not that being convicted during the nazi regime actually meant something).

All in all: naturally very upsetting, but not written as a scare tactic, but very upfront. The afterword is especially interesting, while Jonas Gardell’s self-serving foreword is quite bad.

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