Party weekend

This past weekend we partied, oh yes, we did.

As Mia and I hadn’t had a proper housewarming party, we decided to finally have one. I think it was good of us to set it post-renovations, to be a carrot of sorts. We finished our renovations just before the party, and even got some furniture in place to prove it.

Nanna and Rade1 came by on Friday evening and we spent it watching “No Country For Old Men” yet again, drinking beer and wine; it ended with Mia falling asleep slightly before Nanna. Rade and I then went to bed and we all got cheerily the following morning.

Massive amounts of balloons were inflated, hoovering was performed, a bowl was smashed by accident (by yours truly – I’m ever so sorry, Mia!) and punch was mixed during and after I kicked Rade’s ass in Burnout Revenge:

Despite all of Rade’s previous petty attempts to say he’s the best at gaming, I say we’ve all finally got video proof of the truth! If you wonder, I made Rade promise not to drown his sorrows in Prozac. Instead, we had another thing coming.

People started showing up and we got merry, with conversations flowing a-wild. Nanna tried to control Mia’s and my musical playlist by crazily double-clicking every single track until I physically removed her from it, and banned her from reaching for the controls. After that, our nazi way of playing our music worked wonderfully and people had a good time! If anybody’s interested, here‘s what was played during the party.

We made more and more punch until we ran out of some of the fruits used, and then had to let people get high on their own supply – which really wasn’t hard. Rade and I had bought a bottle of Cris, but this time around, it just didn’t taste…like it did before. Could be because I’d drunk punch before that, but it shouldn’t really have mattered that much. Ah, living the dream. Rade and I toasted as we ran Big Tymers’ “#1 Stunna” video in the background, full screen, stereo blasting it. Anyway, we proffered Cris to a multitude of people and Zak flipped, living the dream the way it’s supposed to be lived! Here‘s picture proof of just that – before I hid his shoes and he went home in a taxi. Or the train, was it, Zak?

After a nightful of partying, Mia came up with the brilliant idea to turn people on to SingStar, and we sang ourselves into a stupor. Mia killed me singing the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” and probably in Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t cha” as well. Kim ruled! Too bad Mia didn’t battle him. As SingStar went silent and people went home – except for Malin and Criz who went to Medusa, and Rade to Alladin – Mia, Kuba and I started singing merrily away to The Smiths and Morrissey. Oh yes, all-together-now-style! And if you’ve got a Facebook account and you know me, you’ll see the proof of that right here.

Then, we crashed, apart from me collecting Rade as he came home, memory not intact. Funny, everybody who drank my mineral water + vodka-drinks had memory-gaps. Is it really so strange?

The day after we said bye to Nanna who left early for her home town. We then woke up slowly, cleaned the place a little and had soy burgers with Rade, who left shortly after that.

Thanks a lot to everybody who came! You made the party a success and it was insanely fun to see you all again – and some of you who turned up for the very first time. Here’s to many more times to come!

Mia’s uploaded a bunch of pictures from the party, viewable right here; she and Zak have respectively recapped the party in more detail than I have.

  1. Mia’s and my respective friends.[back]
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