Various dealings: thoughts, materialism and video

Foul. Before work I bought coffee at Rival, nearby hotel/bakery/café, just as some cleaning-company was busy disemboweling their poo-and-piss-filled tank(s). I stood inside the bakery, engorging myself in scents emanating from the wonderful breads and pastries among other punters, when suddenly the stench of shit and piss hit. Domino effect. People looked back as if they were hoping to find the source humanly manifested, so that they could pin the blame on somebody, make the guilt manifest. Either I’m spot on, which would prove a very Swedish phenomenon (having to blame somebody), or I’m just off into space. Still, standing there trying to look civilised together with some equally stiff strangers was hilarious and awful.

Two days ago, Mia and I saw the premiere of “Crowned“, a reality-based TV-show pageant, where a bunch of teams, each consisting of a mother with her daughter, compete for money and fortunes. Carson Kressley is great fun as one of the hosts, and his humor and down-to-earthy nature is needed. I like to see the plastic mom-and-daughter-combos desintegrate as they are criticised for being plastic, which leads their faà§ade to disintegrate. That’s when they display their true selves. That feels very American TV-show to me.

Three days ago I made a horrendous mistake. I installed a little piece of software on my Windows-based PC which infected said computer with SmitFraud. Pains, pains. I quickly got rid of it once I’d found SmitFraudFix, a freeware. simple-to-use program that I recommend. Thereafter, I switched antivirus-software from Clamwin to AVG Free.

Apart from infecting your Windows DNS/hosts settings, SmitFraud-based malware often cause Internet Explorer to run wild, install a variety of dangerous add-ons, direct you to haywire sites that promise to cure your ills – which they of course won’t – and threaten to kill your kittens. So, what to do? To save you, Michael Howard, a senior security program manager in the Secure Engineering group at Microsoft, has written a utility called DropMyRights, that allows you to run programs in a non-administrator context. He’s written a little tricker – yet more configurable – program called SetSAFER, that allows you to run programs in another context than the one your user account runs in. For instance, if your Windows account has administrator rights, you can do anything. And therefore, as Internet Explorer runs using your account, it has admin rights, too. Therefore, wouldn’t it be great to run Internet Explorer in a user context? Damn right. This can be applied to other web browsers or programs, e.g. Firefox, MSN Messenger and Skype, to prohibit your computer from getting turned into a zombie or worse.

Why has Prada made a raincoat in latex?

I do love bands that let people listen to their latest single in its entirety. Dirty Pretty Things’ “Tired Of England”, listen by pressing the button: . Or you could listen to Glasvegas’ wonderful single “Geraldine” by pressing this one: . Or you could renew your world of thinking by listening to Black Pus’ “In The Garden Of Brackish Pus”: .

I’m thinking of purchasing an Apple Mac Mini to run both Windows and OS X. This would enable me to get rid of my big, stationary PC and save space as it currently takes up quite some space.

Yesterday I went on a little road-trip. Here’s video from the north of Stockholm city; the place we drove into is called Fridhemsplan.

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3 Responses to “Various dealings: thoughts, materialism and video”

  1. Kuba Says:

    ha! at 1:04 you’re driving by my apartment which you can see on the left.

    git out of me backyard, arrrgh!

  2. Niklas Says:

    Ha! So you’re used to sitting at Café W every day? By the way, every single time I pass that café, Mauro Scocco materialises.

  3. Kuba Says:

    or even worse – bingo live under my apartment. no, the only café i visit more or less regularely is molto upon lilla essingen. when i die i want to be burried with their espresso machine.

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