WordPress 2.6 upgrade; using WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin

Hey y’all! I’m just back from Serbia, and just as much as I know you’re sitting on the edge of your seats in wait of a post on that1, here’s something else; WordPress 2.6 has just been released, which entails a slew of nice upgrades, e.g. post revisions, new cookie and SSL handling, bookmarklet support, Google Gears in the admin interface (yes!) and more, all covered in text here.

As I run my own WordPress installation, I go through the manual process – that is, until I discovered WordPress Automatic Update plugin, which automates the process considerably for you. It allows you to upgrade your current installation completely automatically or step-by-step, if you’d like. I’ve just posted this little comment on how to upgrade your 2.5.x-installation to 2.6, and there’s really nothing to it, provided you’ve read the how-to and all that.

edit: the plugin is now updated to function fully on 2.6.

Here’s an official WordPress video showing you what’s new in 2.6:

  1. If you’re really on the bleeding edge, I’ve just edited, rendered and uploaded this video to Vimeo, where you can see an entire 20 minutes of my Belgrade experience.[back]

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  1. Caterpillar Says:

    Interesting. For me I prefer to use Joomla which is available as an install direct from Fantastico in cpanel. I wonder why they dont include this as part of Fantastico?

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