Muxtape #15

Yeay! It’s another eclectic muxtape coming your way, some new tracks and some old, all available here. Here’s the rundown of the tracks.

1. Niklas Pivic – “What Katie Did [fuckup version]”

Oh yes, I’ve covered The Libertines’ “What Katie Did” by recording an acoustic guitar twice.

2. Okkervil River – “Lost Coastlines”

There are no words to describe how much this kicks. Will and Jonathan singing about some of the ordeals of being in a band is love and is to me slightly reminiscent of The Libertines’ masterpiece “Can’t Stand Me Now“.

3. Primal Scream – “Beautiful Future”

Along the lines of “Kill All Hippies” albeit without the hard electronica. This one’s got a merry piano-stabbing verse, great vocals and a sweet church-bell chorus, laced with lyrics as cut-throat as George Orwell would have approved of.

Take a ride around your city
Tell me what do you see
Empty houses
Burning cars
naked bodies hanging from the tree
Don’t say what you’re thinking
Just think before you say
If you say the wrong thing
the man is gonna come and take you away

Oh you’ve got a beautiful future
A beautiful future
Oh you’ve got a beautiful future
A beautiful future

You tell me baby it’s good to be free
Can’t you see you’ll never be free
You live by the sword
You die by the sword
You’re only free to buy the things you can’t afford
A flash car
The house in the country
a sexy wife, beautiful children
Congratulations you live in a dream
With a dead heart at the control of the machine

The album is really interesting, and downloadable for 5 English pounds at the moment; as contrast, check out what The Guardian’s Alex Petridis is saying about the album while he dishes out a mere 2/5 for it.

4. Muse – “Muscle Museum (Soulwax Remix)”

I adored Muse’s first album, “Showbiz”, and still do. This is a compressed, simple remix of this single by the Dwaele brothers, a.k.a. Soulwax, a.k.a. 2 Many DJs.

5. Hercules & Love Affair – “Raise Me Up”

A band that includes Antony Hegarty from Antony and the Johnsons and is signed to DFA Records1? Sounds good. And this single really is; this version is a tad abridged, being culled from the album “Kitsune Tabloid”, as mixed by Digitalism.

6. Glasvegas – “Geraldine”

A band that includes a lot of reverb, sounds a bit like The Jesus & Mary Chain and also includes a 50s girl-group sound should be detestable on paper, right? Think again when you hear them! This is a track that makes me swoon happily.

I will, I will turn your tide
Do all that I can to heal you inside
I’ll be the angel on your shoulder
My name is Geraldine, I’m your social worker

7. Nirvana – “Been A Son (Blew EP Version)”

I suspect that most people don’t realise this is the most popular feministic group ever. The repetitive chorus emphatically declaring she should have been a son says all.

8. Girl Talk – “Friday Night”

Mashing up a lot of different songs from various genres – yet always with rap and hip-hop in the centre – Girl Talks makes it work. Here‘s a list of all the tracks that make up this song.

9. Alphonse Mouzon – “Funky Snakefoot”

This is a track that hip-hop fans might recognise, mostly as The Dust Brothers sampled it for Beastie Boys’ brilliant track “Shake Your Rump“. Funkee!

10. Belle And Sebastian – “Another Sunny Day”

From their wonderful album that I championed as one of the best of 2006, this track is indeed sunkissed and makes me happy. It’s got so many lovely guitar-hooks that probably even Johnny Marr head-nods to this, and so much sound purloined from Americana that it’s just silly. And lovely. Bonus: including the line “the referee giving his fuck-all”.

11. Electronic – “For You”

Johnny Marr, oh yes. This is one of the most underestimated pop-albums of the 90s, in my mind. It’s wonderfully written, performed by Marr together with super-cohort Bernard Sumner and by the way produced by Karl Bartos, formerly member of Kraftwerk.

12. Voxtrot – “Love Vigilantes [live]”

A former pride of Austin, Texas, I currently have no idea what Ramesh and his cohorts are up to other than uploading old tracks2, but this is a nice treat, a live performance of a brilliant track written by New Order.

  1. Which is run by LCD Soundsystem.[back]
  2. Just like me, obviously.[back]
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