Birthday Mia celebration!

Well, it wasn’t my birthday but it felt that way because I liked it so much. Anyway, that matters little: it was Mia’s birthday, and as such we went out! Aah, the weather in Stockholm is currently absolutely lovely. That, paired with some wine and Mia conversing while wearing a Hope dress…I’m a very lucky guy, I tell you what! I really just wanted her to purr like a kitten.

We met up1 and shared a drink, laughs and secretive stories at Utecompagniet. I got bit by a horsefly and I’ll interpret that as good luck, thank you very much — and then went to Taverna Brillo, a really great little spot with very attentive waiters, very good food and very nice wine. Also, they currently have a 40% discount on food, so go reserve a table now!

I don’t care when or where
I just care that you’re there
And that you will…

  1. I still want to write “hooked up”, as though that phrase would mean “met up”.[back]
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