What is David Holmes doing?

Answer: he has made a new album, “The Holy Pictures”, which is out 2008-09-08. I love the first single, titelled “I Heard Wonders“:

Speaking of David Holmes, I have to say that the track “The Ballad of Sarah and Jack” off the album is one of the most beautiful pieces of audio that I’ve heard in a long time. It’s dawning, lush, making me recall Harold Budd. Very cinematic. Little wonder does Holmes work with soundtracks, but this transcends that. From the few tracks off the coming album that I’ve heard through his MySpace page, it’s more soundscaping, delving into emotions rather than dealing intricately with the composition and grooves he was so deep into with the album “Let’s Get Killed”. Here’s a 30 second listen from the track “Gritty Shaker” off that album, to give you a little groove sampler:

So, that’s part of what Holmes distanced himself from on the new album. Here are his own words about it:

The story of this album really began on the 4th of August 1996, when my mother, Sarah Holmes, passed away. I had always wanted to make a record about my life in Belfast and all the things attached to that ““ family, friends, loss, love and starting a family of my own. All the stuff that shapes the person you become.1

Kudos, David! I really hope he’ll turn up in Stockholm soon. Holmes has also made the music for a commercial for the new Apple iPhone, a commercial that is directed by David Fincher and voiced by Robert Downey Jr. It’s viewable here and is quite like something he’s made before, for the Ocean’s trilogy.

  1. From his MySpace page.[back]
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