The Jesus and Mary Chain – 30 years after “Psychocandy”


There’s a little rabble-rousing going on as The Jesus and Mary Chain‘s “Psychocandy” turns 30 years old.

From the wonderful video to “You Trip Me Up“:



I got reacquainted with that video after having read Martin Carr’s words on that single, in an article on his fave singles:


Like Carr says:

The video is just fantastic. They’re walking around somewhere in the Mediterranean, sitting on the beach in full leather gear with their massive guitars. After hearing the Mary Chain, that was all I wanted to listen to – bands who did that.

Any band that wears leather, carries an anti-lecherous look and does so on the beach while basking in sunshine has my full attention and utter adoration. Oh, here’s the video.

Don’t forget to check out this interview in The Guardian, published a day ago. It’s a cool insight into how the JAMC thought and behaved with a little on how they think and seem today.

Bonus clip, JAMC being interviewed really early in their career. Highlights include a reporter asking William Reid the following question: “I read in a paper somewhere that you have been described as the best band in the hemisphere as well as the worst band, now how do you react to that?” (or similar). To that, William replies “My favourite colour is gold.” Also goto 05:10 in the video to see the drunken audience going as roadies off-load equipment from the stage.

To end, don’t miss Zoë Howe’s book on the JAMC; my review is found here.

Extra bonus track, “Just Like Honey” performed live in 2013 with Bilinda Butcher from My Bloody Valentine:

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