Myra Hindley vs the 2012 Olympics

Oh, I’ve been longing for the day when I’d get the chance to use a headline like this one…

The image on the left-hand side of this text is the work of Marcus Harvey, who made this remake of Myra Hindley’s classic mugshot by using children’s handprints. This image is one of several that greet people currently in Bejing as part of a ruse to make tourists visit London en masse come the Olympics in the year 2012. But, what’s the problem? I’ll let The Guardian describe it here:

Downing Street and the mayor of London have condemned the use of a portrait of murderer Myra Hindley in a video shown at a London 2012 event in Beijing.

If you don’t know, Myra Hindley is one of the most well-known serial killers in the world; together with Ian Brady, they murdered five children, of whom nearly all were tortured and raped before being killed, later buried in Saddleworth Moor.

Hence, the thought of letting a portrait of Myra Hindley, made out of children’s handprints, is probably seen as…a mistake of major heights. Either way, if it’s a mistake or a piss-take, the consequences are probably dire. Here‘s more on the incident, including a video of the commercial. Anyway, MP Ann Widdecombe concatenates the entire ordeal best in the following extremely English way of saying it:

I do find it utterly extraordinary that if we’re trying to promote Britain, we should do so with an image of an mass child murder.

Eh, yes.

Speaking of Hindley, the following is news to me1:

In June 2008, the Home Office released thousands of documents previously unobtainable to the public, written by and about Hindley during the decades of her imprisonment. Some portions of the documents remain censored. Among other revelations, these papers disclosed that Hindley and Brady had continued to correspond by letters while in prison. After meeting a woman called Patricia Cairns, who worked as an officer at her prison, Brady’s spell over Hindley was broken, and she broke off all contact with him as best as she could. She planned to escape from Holloway with Patricia, but they got caught, and Patricia was sentenced to six years in jail. After that, Hindley didn’t see Patricia again.

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