The Chemical Brothers – “Live At The Social vol. 1”


Part of what I loved about the 1990s is the fact that The Chemical Brothers not only brought a new era of electronic dance music, but a seldom-seen sensibility towards great old-school hip-hop and funk, which reverberates throughout most of what they’ve done, from being named The Dust Brothers until today. Here’s evidence of that, this post I made on The Dust Brothers’ remix of Primal Scream’s “Jailbird“, which contains a brilliant Spoonie Gee sample.

In 1996, as part of the regular gamut of DJs who collated to play at Heavenly Recordings’ parties titled The Heavenly Sunday Social, and this is a recording from such a night, where The Chemical Brothers play it out. Eclectic shit, but more for dancing and love than trying to show off.

OK, below’s the mix album in its entirety, but go buy it! It’s so worth it.

You’ve got Cash Money & Marvelous great “Mighty Hard Rocker” alongside Davy DMX’s “The DMX Will Rock” and Selectah’s “Wede Man (Hoody Mix)” which is so grand, an after-hours closer of sorts for when you’re winding down, wound-down from dancing and ready to go home even though you don’t want to. Lionrock’s “Packet Of Peace” is well-mixed by the Chemicals to start with but incorporated here, it’s a bass-intense wind-up. And then you’ve got Eric B. & Rakim‘s ever-mighty and a #1 hip-hop track “Juice (Know The Ledge) (Main Mix)” which is mixed to be better than the original…there’s just too much goodness here.

Then, there’s always this…

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