From Jeff Alulis/NOFX’s “NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories”

This is a short extract from Jeff Alulis/NOFX’s memoirs of the hardcore band NOFX; the book is filled with funny anecdotes, but really, it’s one of the best books about bands that I’ve read (so far – I’ve only read a third).

An excerpt of the book is from below. What you need to know about the character Raymond, is that he is described as a psychopath who won’t say no to fighting 20 people, killing anyone and being extremely discomforting to everybody. In the passage before the below, Melvin describes having beaten Raymond in a game of pool, where he won his car, but Raymond wouldn’t give it to him, not that Melvin insisted, considering Raymond’s extremely volatile and scary nature.


The worst part about this dark era was that I dragged Iris into it. Long after we broke up she told me Raymond came over to the NOFX House one day while I was out. I don’t know if he knew I wouldn’t be home, but when Iris told him I wasn’t there he forced himself inside and tried to rape her. Thankfully, she was able to fight him off, struggling until Raymond got tired of her and left. Given that Raymond was later convicted of raping several other girls in town, I guess she got off lucky. It might be unfair for me to blame myself for putting Iris in that situation just because I brought her to Santa Barbara and into that circle of friends, but I was crushed to hear about what she had been through. And I will always have to wonder if Raymond’s attack might have been prevented if I had just taken his goddamned pink slip and the beating that came with it.


Iris wasn’t able to fight Raymond off. That’s just what she told Melvin. She told me the whole story, and you can imagine how horrible the reality was. She said she didn’t want to tell Melvin what really happened because he would confront Raymond, and Raymond would kill him. She was probably right. I promised I wouldn’t tell him, and I never did. Until now. Sorry, Mel. Sorry, Iris.

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