The 1990s are back again again again: Suede, The Stone Roses and Black Grape

This was remarked on about a year and a half ago:

Yesterday I saw Suede live at Gröna Lund, which was…weird, considering they’re not quite a pub-rock version of themselves, but they were tired, ham-fisted and managed to rumble through “The Wild Ones” – a song that I’ve always loved – as though they were getting paid to shorten it, not to mention1 how the singer went down an octave as he couldn’t do the falsetto bit in “the wiiiiiild ooooooooooones”. It was all a bit hazy as all the tracks kind of melted together, but…I sang along to some tracks and was very happy to hear some of them. And yes, I’d love to be able to play guitar like Bernard Butler/the-newer-lead-guitarist-in-Suede… Here’s a bit from “The Wild Ones” that I shot (spoiler: it’s an awful vid):

Anyway, so this morning brought this:

I’ve written about all of the 1990s bands suddenly coming back, weirdly enough, it seems that the Euro soccer championship is making them come out of the woodworks. Anything that encourages Super Furry Animals to make new music is a great thing, but The Stone Roses? I’m happier to hear their new single, but it’s not new. It’s a page out of the 1990s. I’d prefer to hear them try something new and utterly fail than this re-hash of this southern-boogie stuff what they actually experimented in better ways on their second album.

Oh, did you see Black Grape are now Four Lions and have released their own euro track?

Yes, that’s Shaun Ryder. And Bez. And Kermit.

I fucking loved Black Grape. But this song’s a bit naff. And they actually made another euro track, in 1996.


Let’s all dream back to another time, before young feared of becoming dreary and old through this:

  1. Which Mia reminded me of.[back]
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