“Factory Girl”

I’ve seen this film a few times. It’s actually quite lovely, very reminiscent of “Basquiat“, which is in the same vein, not only because of Andy Warhol being depicted in them. In this film, he’s depicted by the laudable Guy Richie, in the other, by David Bowie. Both do it greatly, in their own ways.

There are a lot of great quotes in the film; nearly all from conversations, making me recall great films where dialogue matters beyond Tarantino-esque ham-fisted scenes:

I had to cry for all of them.

Oh no, you have to watch your spending.

I just got myself into a little pickle.

It may be a painting but it’s an idea.

Tim Hardin’s “Red Balloon” playing in the film.

I gather Sedgwick‘s life was troubled. Still, she seems to have been an individual.

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