The past few days

Breakfast in bed – finally, with a new tray. Scrambled eggs with spinach and feta cheese…yum.

Meeting up Marielle together with Mia on the roof at Slakthuset. Having a drink outdoors with friends – I can’t begin to define how lovely it is. Everyone’s senses and mood seem heightened just due to warm weather and no rain. Blissful.

Marielle brought this pretty apple…

…and her Nokia 3310! Wow. The squares display how emoji look on it. No Pokèmon will be found using that thing (thank Bog).

The Marielle herself, all flamboyant.

We went on a hike a couple of days ago! Stage one of Sörmlandsleden, it was great! I’ve never been a guy who loves hikes, nature, et cetera, but…this could be the turning point.

No time for love, Doctor Jones! This “bridge” made me think of that old Indiana Jones flick.

Shout-out to Oskar and Erik in the middle of the woods.

My Dearest Mia. I love her looking existential and beautiful, which is actually always the case.

Brilliant brekkie, Nutella on (and inside!) French toast.

Charlie, as commanded by Simon, sheer tens of minutes before S destroyed his collection of shot glasses.

En route home. Lovely evening spent with Simon.

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