Come Dine With Me: one of my fave tantrum clips


There’s something far worse and more addictive than crack cocaine, “Cops“, and even Pokèmon Go mashed together: the British TV series named “Come Dine With Me“.

If you’ve watched the Swedish, New Zealand, US…any other version than the British, just forget everything you’ve seen – just consider yourselves lucky that you have perfection coming to you.

The concept of the series is ridiculously simple: five strangers1 will cook for each other, each hosting one night of the week (barring the weekend). They slosh each other up with alcohol and go all in. The Swedish version of this series is extremely tame. The New Zealand version is on Valium and the South African version is just weirdly boring. The British are fucking at it. It’s there, like a gash in the face. They get each other drunk, they dress up, they raffle through each other’s wardrobes, they have great fun, they’re weird and awful and wondrous and envious and spiteful and happy. It’s life!

In the beginning of 2016, an episode of gargantuan content was released.
It was S37E01.

Be aware that the clip below is a spoiler of who wins the game, and it’s worth it (it’s hard to find the entire episode anyway). What you need to know beside that, is that the clip displays the last bit of the episode, when the winner is revealed.

Peter, the chap who is not wearing glasses, is The One. The clip kicks off 02:03 in, where the countdown of who ended up in which place starts. I applaud Jane, the person who gets most of Peter’s words:

Well. In retrospect, I believe Peter’s worst enemy is himself, and karma is surely a bitch.

Also, note that the British CDWM is brilliant in the sense that the soundtrack is always poignant; while Peter’s done his bit, Doves‘ song “Words” is played in the background. Here’s a snippet of the lyrics:

I said your eyes, they say nothing
So you can’t hurt me
On summer days like these
I said words they mean nothing
So you can’t hurt me

See CDWM. It’s brilliant.

  1. Mostly, although at times – albeit seldom – some of the contestants actually know each other.[back]
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