NSA are hacked: Edward Snowden comments


From The Daily Dot:

The hacking world’s attention was captivated Monday morning when a group called the Shadow Brokers claimed to have hacked the National Security Agency’s Equation Group, a team of American hackers that have been described as both “omnipotent” and “the most advanced” threat cyberspace has ever seen.

While ranting against “wealthy elites,” the Shadow Brokers are now auctioning off what they claim to be a small but incredibly potent set of Equation Group’s cyberweapons to the highest bidder.

Now, Edward Snowden has analysed and commented this briefly:

Yeah, people are lazy and silly, and NSA could have left their tools behind. Tools that are now being auctioned off to the highest seller, much like any arms-sale around the world. If the NSA have any sense, they’ve risk-assessed this could have happened ages ago, and are already bullet-proof against any kinds of repercussions. Well, let’s just see.

The most important thing about this entire deal is to remember that your government doesn’t necessarily like you, spies on you and basically condones espionage: is this what we want or need?

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