“Circle of Poison”: an excerpt starring Noam Chomsky


Noam Chomsky is active in an upcoming documentary, “Circle of Poison“, that is about the major risks that humanity faces from pesticides, as reported by Alternet:

“A standard argument against a healthy environment and other regulations in the country or for export is that it’s harmful to business, which of course it is,” Noam Chomsky says in the film. “If business can kill people freely, it’s a lot more profitable than if you have to pay attention to what you’re producing and look at the effects on people, and so on.”

“Major industries in this country… lead, asbestos, tobacco, have often succeeded for decades poisoning people quite consciously. They knew perfectly well that children are going to die of lead poisoning, but ‘you gotta make profit,'” Chomsky continues.

“And they’re right. It’s a system where you’re supposed to make profit… Like a CEO of a corporation is actually required by law to increase profit so they’re doing exactly what they have to do and, well, if the population suffers, that’s the cost of doing business. Although, by the time you get to export … the domestic population has become organized enough and active enough so they’re saying ‘you can’t kill us,'” says Chomsky.

I’m also looking forward to hearing the powerful Vandana Shiva in the documentary. Here’s the clip with Noam, where he explains how capitalism does not care for ethics, only profit:

You can get info on where to see the film through this page.

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