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Hey y’all! Here’s a Friday playlist to blow your minds:

So what’s up?

I’ve tried to pick songs that are not purely the way I usually do my playlists, and still try to be true to myself. Hence, it’s not the same dogmatic shit you’ve come to expect – if you’ve ever heard one of them – and it’s fun.

First, a reggae classic by Dave Collins and Ansel Collins, titelled “Double Barrel“, which is a weird number with great spoken/sung intro. I love weird reggae tracks. That merges into a track from a new, really good house album by Rival Consoles, of whom I know nothing, but it’s kind of hypnotic, and reaches into a weird artist named WWWINGS that’s…weird. And I like it. It’s disturbing stuff. Huerco S. made a weird but it’s a hypnotic, analogue feel.

The track that features singing by Matt Munro is a fast stomp away from the universe of today…the horns. Like a twisted version of Tom Jones. The Fall‘s track is really poppy in comparison with what they usually have done. Vytas Brenner is another – to me – completely unknown artist, albeit from Venezuela, who’s created this trippy track that’s so goood; the verse reminds me weirdly of The Smiths’ “Jeane“. Somehow. At least part of the first verse. The Replacements is a great band that I’ve recently discovered – some really good rawk there with great lyrics – and they’re delivering hard here.

Rasputina is a weird1 that’s kind of reminiscent of The Dresden Dolls but on their own. Orchestral and “Russian”. Audion delivers a fresh acid track while Hieroglyphic Being – what a fucking pretentious and lovely name – goes all in with a very distorted analogue bouncing dream. Trim does weird rap with hard, cold music. Second Storey‘s EP cover is mad, and this music reeks of ADHD. Apathy is rap and samples The Supremes.

To finish off – The Smiths. This, the remastered version of “Reel Around The Fountain“, the 2011 version as overseen by Johnny Marr, and you can really hear the organ and piano on this version, as compared with the original cut. Morrissey’s voice is also more prevalent than before.

Happy weekending!

  1. There’s a whole lot of weird shit this time around.[back]
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