Some Kierkegaard today: Kim Kardashian, Arcade Fire and Childish Gambino


Some modern-day reflections on how affects the present. I love the last line in the short quoted interview with Donald Glover.

From the newly published “Kierkegaard: A Single Life” by Stephen Backhouse. Annotations by myself:

2012. Whereabouts Unknown. An anonymous Twitter user gains worldwide attention by mashing vapid phrases in the style of reality television celebrity Kim Kardashian with the thoughts of Søren Kierkegaard. The account, revelling in the name KimKierkegaardashian, is less about making fun of Kim (or Søren) and more about highlighting what happens when the typical banal chatter of self-publicity meets existential angst. “My soul is a hollowness & everything around me is as empty as eternity. Where do I look for fashion inspiration or fun trends?” runs one entry. “We love selfies! The despairing self, by taking notice of itself, tries to make itself more than it already is,” runs another.

2013. Canada. The Montreal-based music group Arcade Fire release their fourth studio-album to rave reviews. “Reflektor is populated by characters who actively seek to escape systems of control,” writes Pitchfork, “but the path to the exit leads through the dance floor.” The album is inspired by, and named after, Kierkegaard’s discussion of the ages of passion and reflection in The Present Age. “It sounds like he’s talking about modern times,” says front man Win Butler to Rolling Stone. “He’s talking about the press and alienation, and you kind of read it and you’re like, ‘Dude, you have no idea how insane it’s gonna get.’

2013. Canada. Actor and rapper Donald Glover is in Toronto on a press tour promoting his new hip-hop album released under his pseudonym Childish Gambino.

VICE magazine: Are you reading books right now?
Glover: Yeah, I’m really into Kierkegaard shit right now.
VICE: Man, that is not going to make you happy.
Glover: It does make me happy, because it makes me feel less alone.

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