My dad wrote a porno

Today I discovered “My dad wrote a porno“, which is a wonderful and scary comedic podcast show where a guy reads his father’s novel, a shot at erotic literature1, together with two other people, all of whom comment the contents as it’s read aloud. They deal with about a chapter per podcast episode, and the entire book’s being read!

It’s devastatingly funny at times, and almost always chuckle-funny. It’s nearly the perfect live commentary podcast.

Naturally, there’s the pretext: just imagine one of your parents writing about sex and having it self-published. I admire the guy who’s reading the book. I mean, his dad wrote it. There are quite a number of moments where he goes “Dad…” which is – I think – less than I would have done. The book’s available up for purchase, so go get it, but I suggest that you listen to these guys when they talk about it instead.

Click here to hear a “previously in the last episode”, as taken from the start of episode 3, so you’ll get the gist of the wonderful contents of the book.

If you need more and from the start, the show’s available from everywhere, and here’s the very first episode to get you in the mood:

  1. A euphemism if there ever was one. The last thing this book is, is sexy.[back]
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2 Responses to “My dad wrote a porno”

  1. rockyflintstone Says:

    Thanks Niklas, I loove the insane tag, Thomas Middleditch said recently, Sir you are Brillant… ly disturbed! Ha ha haha haha hahaha ha…. ending in shrieking voice! Ciao.

  2. Niklas Pivic Says:

    Thanks, \”Rocky\”! Insanity is in all of us, and I adore yours. Sincere cheers, yours truly, Niklas.

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