I love Mondo’s vinyl reissues: “Fight Club” and “Gremlins”

Fight Club vinyl

I love Mondo. They’re kind of a toy store version of Criterion, although there’s nothing toy-y about the wondrous quality of the stuff they reissue1. They’ve reissued the Twin Peaks soundtrack which was sweet in the extreme, and now they’re reissuing the soundtrack for “Fight Club“, and the film below is just too cool. I mean, sacrifice:

Also, they’re re-releasing the soundtrack for “Gremlins“, the old 1980s film about Donald Trump’s takeover of the USA monsters terrorising a neighbourhood. It’s still basically a comedy.

In the film, Mogwai – a little furry animal that’s harmless – turn into Gremlins if exposed to sunlight, water or are fed “after midnight”. Here’s some cover art for the Mondo reissue:


…and the same cover if you expose it to UV light:


Here‘s more on that soundtrack.

  1. Bar the spelling mistakes on the otherwise flawless Twin Peaks reissue.[back]
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