Morrissey, Huey Newton and more manliness

He’s just posted the above montage of Huey Newton with Moz’s latest album. That’s partly why you should love him…even though he makes it hard with idiotic statements like “Farage is a great educator”.

Huey Newton was one of the greater Black Panthers. He, unlike Fred Hampton (who was assassinated by the FBI and Chicago police), was more of a fighter than a thinker, even though he had some massive ideas. If you want more on what the Black Panthers brought to their communities, like free education, free daycare and democracy, check out the newish documentary named “Vanguards of The Revolution”.

Also: this morning Mia noted that our letterbox was completely askew. A couple of screws had fallen out from the plate that attached to the door, so I jammed it straight and fastened the screws.

I never thought I’d say anything like the above; I almost felt like fucking John Wayne when writing it. HA! Seriously, though, I didn’t think I’d make it work but it did. Suddenly my self-confidence is renewed where it comes to home repairs.

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